In my case, I was given a partially-implemented WordPress plugin to work on: I was asked to –. Here’s Exactly What to Write to Get Top Dollar, How To Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates! Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled.Learn how to enable cookies. It takes some time, but once you get to the Trial it is all about the learning process and seeing if there is a fit between you, the company and the role.Everyone I interacted with was great and very helpful. My trial was 4 weeks and was one of the most challenging professional experiences of my life. Plus, this way seems way-more logical: despite Matt’s claims to the contrary, it’s hard to see Automattic as a “startup” any longer (by age alone: they’re two years older than Twitter and a similar age to Facebook). I interviewed at Automattic in November 2017. What this meant for me was that I had the ability to look at literally everything I'd done since day one and learn from it all. I'm not going to let it ruin my day. I'm familiar with chat, like many, but it was still interesting trying to emote better during the chat so the interviewer had a full understanding of my answers. My amazingly-friendly “human wrangler” (HR rep), ever-present in my Slack channel and consistently full of encouragement and joy, brought in an additional technical person who reviewed my code and provided feedback. Am I willing to travel for work? I spoke to my human wrangler and my technical supervisor in the Slack channel dedicated to that purpose and explained that I’d be spreading my up-to-40-hours over a long period, and they were very understanding. The message encouraged me to try again in 6 months after ramping up my activity on the WP support forums, and essentially being a part time pro bono Happiness Engineer, which is probably a good tip for this job. In case it’s not obvious, I like companies that I feel make the Web a better place! He quite-rightly pulled me up on my coding standards (I hadn’t brushed-up on the code style guide), somewhat-monolithic commits, and a few theoretical error conditions that I hadn’t accounted for, but praised the other parts of my work. I was polite, but I do not give expert advice for free, and even though $25 per hour is ridiculous, I didn't tell them that. First interview was a 90-minute interview over Slack consisting of a few "tell me about yourself"-type questions followed by general technical questions. The entire process took about 12 weeks. Submit Resume and answer specific questions. You will then be given another test assignment which will again take a few hours to do and you'll have a week to do it. C'mon, you gotta do this in person. They did not continue with the interview process because I supposedly did not have enough experience with complex web applications. Then they said if I passed this, I would be given some tests and if I passed those I could work for them for $25 per hour for three to eight weeks before they decided if they would hire me. I LOVED the interview itself via the Slack chatroom- it took about an hour and was really wonderful. At each point in the process we will be in touch via email to let you know where things stand -- we won’t leave you in the dark. What is one of the most recent things you have learned? With their varied backgrounds, our engineers collaborate with the other roles at Automattic to define, implement, and improve the experience those engines provide and enable.


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