Otherwise the bike is pretty smooth with a good exhaust note. The bike averages upto 58kmpl. I was high on expectations.But it doesnt meet even your minimum expectations.Mileage is also a big negative. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The gear does creates some problem while down shifting which can be minimised with proper chain adjustments. Bajaj V15 Price in India has been kept at INR 61,999 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). On lower gears it feels weak. I have been riding around for quite a time now, including the 900 km Ride in 24 hours which I did, with only little tea and pee breaks. This allows us to provide relevant content for you. Specially its tyres. Hero bikes on the other hand are simple and not too costly, but they're not appealed much apart from their low cc segment bikes. At first it vibrate like hell above 80km/hr. The Bajaj V15 packs warrior genes and it has commuters square in its sight. You can easily cruise at the speed of 80 kph and can touch 100 kph too while overtaking. After slight tightening of the biggest bolt next to the ignition switch, it felt much better. Answers to most common questions asked by Bajaj V15 buyers- Mileage, Price, Service Cost. CAn even use only one hand at 100km/hr. Bajaj V15 is wonderful daily commuter bike. It is the highest selling vehicle in its segment. My personal top speed is 108-109, lots of noise , lots of vibration. What you have to decide is what suits you best. its usual when I travel too much most problem you can face like chainpacket.. some time you cant able to recognise petrol meters.. usual bike got normal pickup not too much impressive and m not keen to run so speed very very moment i tried maximum speed whwhich is 80. bike will shake when you cross above 80 it will take max 100 if you keep moving.. road grip is quite low where I faced fearistic moment when I crossing in the curves in little high speed .. some times experienced back pain who sits behind now I have changed and altered seat which is quite ok.. overall it's good bike if you use for office to home... rough use no problem but it will increase maintenance cost. Else I would have bought Yamaha R15 or R25. It performs well on the mountains too. Bajaj V15 is made from the scrap metal of India's first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. Not yet two years. ABS. The new Bajaj V15 is the Pune based bike maker’s answer to its dwindling sales in the commuter class courtesy some experiments gone wrong with the Discover brand. If you are looking for bike with mileage . Comfortable for long rides as well as short rides. Q. No problem in overtaking , performance at 50-80 km/hr is reliable, thats what you need to overtake. Your v15 bike is a defective product. It basically depends on your need and feasibility. All is good but engine is very poor quality and built quality is poor.Comfortable for sitting look is very good. Doesn't vibrate at all. Bajaj launched a more powerful version of the Bajaj V15 in India, the new bike called the 2019 V15 Power Up. I am using this bike for over 3 years and I would strongly recommend this to anyone unless they fall into one of the following category: 1) Overweight riders will experience handle vibration because of a flaw in design, normal wight people won't realise this. Not bad.And no any problems/issues with gear shift.If you want to buy this bike you need to maintain its services accordingly. Bajaj V15 Mileage, Interior Images, Top Speed, Colors, Reviews, Key Features, Pros, Cons and Showrooms in Bangladesh. However there"s a little minor pickup lag due to its heavy rear tyre and heavy fuel tank with a capacity of 13 litres. Honda bikes have one of the most refined engines with good build quality, but its pretty costly and even the spares are expensive.


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