This is the last stop for the V15 on the assembly line. It brought back smiles and memories of a glorious past for the serving Naval officers - a wonderful tribute from Bajaj, no doubt. After the repairs, I went to the old battery to the executive Bajaj showroom malad and asked them to get my battery replaced. This format is applicable to all Bajaj bikes. A couple of weeks later the bike again gave up on me, this time on a Sunday morning around 6 am, quite far away from any Bajaj service centre. A :Common problems found are starting trouble, low mileage, poor pick-up and low brightness of headlamp.For specific problems in Bajaj V15 bike visit user complaints here The V15 being taken off the assembly line. If you do have a trusted mechanic then the costs do come down significantly. I bought myself a Honda Unicorn from 2011 which has done 42000km and the engine is in perfect condition. Keep the engine at idle for two minutes and then start riding5) Check whether the headlamp or any other electrical is switched on. Their design approach hasn’t changed much in the last few years, neither has the aspirational value nor does it turns heads. Seems to swing quickly between 75 to 85, though there is no change in speed. Nice bike to ride in cities and for long drives, I am enjoying riding this bike every day. The frames come in batches and are then lifted to the assembly line. This is where all the new bikes spend couple of days before they’re dispatched to the dealers. Keyword- "trusted mechanic". Their attitude was mostly summed up in “It’s not our responsibility” and “ Do whatever you want”. In some occasions engine heats up and you can hear tik-tik sound from engine. Being a first time biker I was told that all new bikes face this problem and it’ll go away once I ride the bike often as the battery gets charged. Bike Point By Mintu&Rahul 167,376 views [Resolved] Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi — starting problem . Hearty Congratulations. The area where the V logo and fuel filler lid are installed. A homage to heritage and history, the V15 gets metal from the scrapped aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The Indian buyers got freedom from the same old ‘me too’ bikes the companies have been giving us. It contains the metal of INS Vikrant, making it the embodiment of unshakable solidity. I am using V15 for last 2 Years and 15000 kms. The V15s are then packed and transported to the warehouse. In a way, that in itself is the USP of this bike, named after India's first aircraft carrier - and marketed as a tough as nails, bold, sturdy new commuter motorcycle. And it’s a good thing. 2nd best bike of Bajaj, having a very good quality of the specification . But these same efforts have helped the Navy men own something that they thought had been lost. This is the same component that has a bit of the INS Vikrant metal. A lot of time and effort are spent on the fuel tank of all Bajaj bikes. Within several minutes of buying this bike the engine stalled, self start didn’t work. Now the self start problem has erupted again. The oil leakage is also a common problem in V15. So they changed it and installed new battery after 1 week same issue had arisen. Each bike comes with its own shopping bucket. This is how the V15 tank looks like before it’s painted. The experience at this showroom is exceptionally horrible. Their attitude towards my problem was horrible. Some the major issues are the gear jamming problem which is very dangerous and the mechanics in Dewan Bajaj are unable to solve this issue. It was as if I had bought a bike of another brand and they had nothing to do with it. I faced below problems: 1. Rear suspension blown up just after completing 10K kms (It took 1200/- to fit new one) 2. An Audi keychain for a Bajaj V15 ? After a lot of arguments and discussion he agreed. They said that the battery was loosely connected and thus the problem. I suggested him to install a new battery as I had had enough. I feel proud of riding this.....Read More. Depending on the order, other Bajaj bikes are also moved into the same truck. The staff is quite incompetent and is insensitive to the plight of the customers. Mounting of the bikini fairing requires four workers – two workers mount the fairing on the bike. The V15 was launched by Bajaj at a time when the mass market motorcycle segment was crowded with boring bikes. Tends to do this when there are undulations in the road. Rear suspension blown up just after completing 10K kms (It took 1200/- to fit new one) 2. All my bikes were never serviced in the service center and cannot vouch for you service center quality. It all started in way back in 1971 at the Indo-Pak war when India’s 1s. But interestingly, Bajaj has given something that’s more than just a bike. I called the Executive Bajaj service centre to replace this battery. This is to validate the engine and the other parts of the V15. The odo fell off from its place inside the meter unit. I had bought this bike from the Executive Bajaj- Malad showroom. The battery is yet to be replaced. Being a mass production line, each worker get 24 seconds to mount their assigned parts to the V15. The next two bolt it. Self start was not working from second day when i took it to bajaj ghatkopar service centre they told me battery had drain. All my bikes were never serviced in the service center and cannot vouch for you service center quality. One strange new phenomenon I noticed is the speedometer seems to be inconsistent at the 80 kmph mark. In some occasions engine heats up and you can hear tik-tik sound from engine. Rest of the components are made by its vendors and then transported to this plant, where the final assembly happens. Call it a brilliant marketing move or maybe it is the best product placement we’ve seen in the Indian two-wheeler business. But whether you like it or not, it has worked for Bajaj, V15 buyers, the Indian Navy and also for some of us who fail to appreciate and respect our country’s history. The entire assembling journey takes around eight minutes per bike. Some of us would say that the V15 was an example of patriotic marketing, well, it definitely is. Made from the metal of INS Vikrant – India’s first aircraft carrier, the V15 has succeeded in making us think more of India’s past wars, especially the 1971 war with Pakistan. This is where the seat is fixed before it goes to the validation process. This is how the start of the V15 assembly line looks like. Wheels are the first ones to be assembled on the bike in the rear to front format. Don't have one. The problem never really went away. M majji.satya rao. And the lack of all these aspects led to the creation of the Bajaj V15 and I’m glad it did. The bike is great in the segment with some awesome color schemes. Their design approach hasn’t changed much in the last few years, neither has the aspirational value nor does it turns heads. Anyone knows what this could be? He diagnosed the battery and showed me that it’s completely discharged. … I am starting the rides to the jungles from next month once I get adjusted to this bike. This is done manually and eats up a lot of time. If the results aren’t as expected, the screen displays a fail message. One fine morning the bike refused to start at all and I took it to the Bajaj service center in Ghatkopar for check up and servicing. I have seen Bajaj dealers offer a nice leather V15 keychain to the owners. Think of the Navy personnel who spent their life inside this ship, and then see the ship being scrapped because the Indian courts thought that the INS Vikrant isn’t safe even for a museum. The self start worked only occasionally and I ended up kick starting the bike often. You are now the proud owner of the new Bajaj V15 / V12.


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