Spring greetings from the Bloom team. Monument Realty is an award winning fullservice real estate fim creating opportunities for clients and investors since 1998. Additionally, it is anticipated that the required reforestation of the stream valley will result in 1,200 to 9,000 new trees (depending on the caliper of trees planted), not to mention the replacement of any removed trees at a 3-to-1 ratio in the areas where new housing is proposed. Restoration – The proposed plan will restore the natural beauty of the area set aside as parkland and provide amenities to the community, such as nature trails, hiker/biker paths, community gardens, dog parks and picnic pavilions. More Walkable – Higher density improves transportation efficiency. As of April 2020, the Site Plan Amendment has been approved and Record Plats for Areas 4 and 5 are expected to be recorded within the next month. The local and regional watershed will also benefit from the implementation of new and better storm water management systems where none exist today. activities and what can be expected during the land development phase. Highlights of this Concept Plan are: • Up to 594 new homes dispersed throughout the site; Accessible Nature – The new park and all of its active and passive recreational amenities encourage increased use of, and appreciation for, the outdoors and provides a healthy and beautiful environment for residents of all ages to enjoy. While some of the trees on the golf course will be removed in order to accommodate the proposed plan, most of the proposed housing is planned in the upland open fairways. and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. © Monument Realty 2013. maintaining a view that mostly consists of trees or canopy) will remain intact through the preservation of existing tree lines that serve as a buffer between existing homes and the proposed new homes, with particular attention paid to preserving mature specimen trees that add character to the community. All rights reserved. Similarly, new housing encourages repairs and renovations to existing homes as homeowners are more likely to realize a return on their investment. Areas characterized by wetlands, flood plains or the stream valley will not be disturbed to accommodate new housing. east of Montgomery Village Avenue). As we prepare to begin construction, please continue to check for updates here. Monument Realty is an award winning fullservice real estate fim creating opportunities for clients and investors since 1998. Traffic congestion already exists and will only get worse, regardless of whether new housing is built on the former golf course or not. The Bloom vision is to transform a vacant, private parcel of land in the heart of the community into a mix of diverse new housing options and expansive, well-programed recreation and open spaces. Bloom Montgomery Village is an exciting new project focused on reimagining the good life in Montgomery Village. New development in Montgomery Village will bring with it a beautifully designed park that will feature open lawns, walking/biking trails, a dog park and community garden, as well as thousands of new trees and a restored natural habitat. Local Options – New development helps to support retail at the Village Center, thereby reducing long daily trips outside the community, and perhaps provide the spark needed for the owners of the Village Center to invest in improving retail at that location. © Monument Realty 2013. While Montgomery Village is a solidly established community, it is also a community that aims to continue to thrive and grow – to Bloom. Bloom Montgomery Village is an exciting new project to transform the former golf course into a mix of parks, open space and new housing. We hope that you and your families are all safe and healthy during these uncertain times. 250 likes. About Bloom Montgomery Village. Activities will also include site Bloom Montgomery Village is an exciting new project to transform the former golf course into a mix of parks, open space and new housing. The first phase of development will be in Areas 4 and 5, highlighted on the Site Plan. Transportation efficiency is improved by including some important elements in any new housing plans – for example, making sure that street scale and connectivity create an inviting pedestrian environment that encourages walking to neighborhood destinations such as shops, services and amenities, and improving accessibility and options for close, accessible, frequent and convenient public transportation. Bloom Montgomery Village. The project team is now days away from final permit approvals and is preparing to mobilize its construction team for a late-May groundbreaking. Today’s new homes are far more environmentally friendly than in years past, due to more efficient layouts, deeper market penetration of green building materials and technological advances with regard to appliances and fixtures. Meanwhile, surrounding neighborhoods, such as the City of Gaithersburg, are actively encouraging new development, particularly infill development. As a result, they require less energy to heat and cool, use more recycled building material and demand fewer natural resources. • Abundant open space and stream valley restoration as well as significant active recreation space featuring walking trails, dog parks, a community garden and more. Bloom MV | May 2020 Update. Preserves character – While the views for a number of homes will change, the general nature of the view (i.e. Their long advertised motto for the village was “Living the Good Life”. However, transportation efficiency minimizes the congestion impacts of density. What developed through this visioning and community design process was the Bloom Concept Plan. Today, people move to and make the decision to stay in Montgomery Village to live their own version of the good life – natural open spaces, convenience, diversity, recreation options and greener living, among others. Design and permitting for the stream restoration is expected to continue through 2021 to enable the stream restoration work to be completed in 2022. Ryan Homes will be the builder for all phases in Bloom Village and they expect to launch sales late this year. Initial construction By late summer, additional © Monument Realty 2013.


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