AHS has excellent longevity, and will easily last 12++ hours on most people. Drydown maintains the fresh, slightly sweet vibe. Not the case with this one. Oranges. Comes out with an all out citrus bomb that smells like lemon, but there's no lemon in it. Allure Homme Sport Mini 3 x .7 oz Mi... (101.36 USD), Perfume rating Freshly squeezed orange juice on a summer beach. Sport and casual but classy and elegant at the same time. One of my top 10, quality, versatility and long lasting. Horrid for me. A big online department store in my country had one 150 ml left at a 20% discount for this week so I just had to go for it! This is really a deceiving fragrance in many ways. Fragrance Reviews: 993162 Thoughts? A shame! 10/10. ), not as creamy as it was. Basically everything you want in a fragrance. I fall in love since the first time I wore it. They have the same DNA but I would describe VPH as sharper, louder and APHS as smoother, deeper and refined. One of the best scent i have ever come across.. Who actually wastes this frag by wearing it to gym? One of the better sporty perfumes. Definitely sporty/active and for daytime/office, but it smells so good that anytime would be a great time to wear this super fresh scent. try the extreme version, much more enjoyable. Mainly a light musky, cedar smell with hint of vanilla lasting 8-9hours. So now here in 2020 I had bough the EDP thinking it would be better that was not the case the EDP is still a spectacular fragrance but this gem (EDT) is still love at first sniff and can argue this EDT classic has a little bit better performance that the EDP. A question to the seasoned fragrance-heads. This scent will make you feel great and everyone around you will like it! Got this blind last year at a discount and very happy with it. Each to their own. Don't know what the hell happened, but you want to see it again. Chanel Allure Sport is fresh coastal summertime in a bottle - the ozonic and sea notes in this perfume are fantastic! To me CAHS reminds me of Versace Eros which was a bit of a surprise and maybe a little like superman eau fraiche which is strange as I just looked at the eau extreme reviews and people have said the same about that. Orange cream with a hint of salty sea notes and musk. the BEST daytime summer fragrance period. I can't say much more really , it's not exactly brimming with creativity but it is made well and has garnered me compliments, a fragrance for someone who doesn't have time to evaluate things. The best-selling men's perfume seems to be Acqua di Gio from Armani. AMC. 10/10, such a pleasant creamy masculine scent that performs like a beast. After an hour or so the scent of cleaning products faded a bit, and I could smell some of the warmer components beneath. I do not believe orange mixes well with traditionally warm, heavier notes like musk and amber- the result is usually something closer to spoiling fruit than effervescence. [])). It is warming and cooling at the same time. A good mainstream fresh scent. Sampled, worn, and definitely not for me. I can't say much about it as it is just so uninspiring. If only it had better longevity...! Super long lasting on my skin (12+ hrs) as well. It smells like a perfect Sunday morning, waking up in a little town near the Aegean sea, smelling the sea breeze, the air, and whiffs of some hanged fresh laundry near your front window. Below average performance - projects timidly and evaporates completely in 3-4 hours. I just don't get this I really don't. how much is inside unfortunately you can’t see the juice in the bottle - I was only using it for special occasions. He calls it cheat code :). I used it in different occasions, in different climates. Teeters slightly towards the cheap but better than a lot of sport colognes and to be fair achieves its objective. Clean, high-quality, and more natural-smelling than I would have imagined given the bottle presentation and the "sport" name. I can't imagine someone not liking this. However in conclusion excellent fragrance and gathers tones of compliments. It’s a toss up but I wear AHS more. As a woman I definitely like fresh scents that have a little sweetness to them on a man. The scent is quality let down by a lack of performance. Amazing summer fresh cent.


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