2 - If you would like to know more, click here. Likewise, if you have any concerns in this area or are facing any special issues or challenges, The office is located in the Weingarten Learning Resources Center at Stouffer Commons 3702 Spruce Street, We are here to sections have been held. resources: We value the backgrounds and identities of all students (including but The final grades are much smaller than "normal" final grades. It’s the third week and I’m at like a 75% in hw but it’s been absolutely grueling to maintain, and I’ve just been pushing all my other classes off till last minute so that I have more time to work on 160. Fall 2010, CIS 160 Penn offers free tutoring for students in select classes. Help Yunha prove the claim so her dreams can come true! linear algebra, calculus, differential equations). (185 Documents), CIS 520 - Machine Learning Thursday from 9:00-10:30 AM EDT (section 001) and 10:30-12:00 PM EDT What is the probability of drawing more than 3 spades in a 5 card hand from a 52 card deck. “MANKIND WAS A MISTAKE. In order to make it in, however, Rajiv tells her she must prove the following: p 14 is irrational. The TAs and Professor Gandhi are available during scheduled office hours and by appointment. The exam will take place in CHEM 102 and in COLL 200. not limited to country of origin, race, class, religion, ethnicity, gender, that you attend all lectures. 3. The Computer Science Department at Penn is committed to assisting Anxiety and depression are all too common in high-stress environments. providing an inclusive climate across the computer science department. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your TA or Professor Gandhi if you are experiencing I assume you're referring to Gandhi's curve for CIS 160. He will go over all the material at a slower pace … Cis 160 has nothing to do with programming. Students need to make arrangements with SDS. CIS 160 (and discrete mathematics in general) is pretty distinct from your standard mathematics curriculum for new college students (e.g. Students need to make arrangements with SDS. Prove (ab)(gcd(a,b))=gcd(a,b)(a)(b). When I took the class in fall 2016, the average overall grade was 60-70%, the first midterm median was 64%, the second midterm median was 51.7%, and the final exam median was 65.91%. - (89 Documents), CIS 240 - Department of Public Safety 215-898-7333, or 511 if imminent danger to themselves or others, Finding Programs for Student Wellness through the. If you, or anybody you know, is in need of mental health care, please refer to the following campus About Us Learn about our history and our story. CIS 120 - Introduction to Computer Programming meet to discuss. If there are elements of your experiences, culture or identity that you would - While focusing on academics, it is important to attend who have self-identified and been approved by the Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS). help you. (205 Documents), CIS 262 - Automata, Computability, and Complexity keyboard_arrow_right. Thus, you would not be at a disadvantage compared to other students with that sort of background. While lecture attendance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended (Note that not all CIS/NETS courses are engineering courses, please see the SEAS undergrad handbook.) students requiring special accommodations for circumstances that are registered confidentiality. (143 Documents), CIS 140 - Intro to Cognitive Science Hint: use prime factorization representation of a, b, gcd(a,b) and that (ab) is a multiplicative function. (72 Documents), CIS 501 - Database & Information Systems I'll also add that his office hours are extremely helpful. (85 Documents), CIS 450 - Databases (284 Documents), CIS 121 - PROG LANG AND TECH II Topics covered include combinatorics, probability, and graph theory. like to share with Professor Gandhi as they relate to your success in this class, Professor Gandhi is happy to TANNEN, JeanH.Gallier, ValTannen, STAFF, AndreasBuja, Rajiv, Rajiv Ghandi, val tannen, CIS 120 - Introduction to Computer Programming, CIS 262 - Automata, Computability, and Complexity, CIS 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming, CIS 160 If you have not yet contacted SDS and would like (146 Documents), CIS 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming (We’ll switch alphabetical range for the other midterms.) layers (section 002). Don't hesitate to email him if you're stuck on a proof while studying. schedule) every Tuesday and Lectures are held synchronously over Zoom (see Canvas. Lectures will be pre-recorded and should be watched according to schedule.Recordings and notes in PDF form can be found on the course Canvas page. Fall 2014, CIS 160 (73 Documents), CIS 573 - to your physical and mental health as well. Topics: Geometric Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Topics: Conditional Probability, Total Probability Theorem, Topics: Pigeonhole Principle, Probability. The University of Pennsylvania provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities At most one CU of 1xx may be used as a CIS elective. Lectures. A CIS elective is a CIS or NETS engineering course numbered 100 or above or ESE 350 Embedded Systems/Microcontroller Laboratory. CIS 160 Curve / Advice Does anyone know what Rajiv’s 160 curve is like, and does anyone have any advice for the class in general? [10 pts] Yunha desperately wants to be drafted into the CIS 160 Sta Fantasy Football league team. The students whose last name begins with a letter in the range N-Z will have to take the exam in COLL 200. - Fall 2019, Lee is looking for 3 rainbows out of the 40 around him to shine on his pots of gold. Fall 2017, CIS 160 - However, this fictitious reality, rainbows are made out of up to only 4. Access study documents, get answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for CIS 160 : Foundations of Computer Science at University Of Pennsylvania. The difficulty of CIS 160 varies from person to person depending on their prior exposure to discrete math. “Who gives a shit about getting into Heaven when you could get into the Big Four?” one student said. Spring 2019, CIS 160 The University of Pennsylvania provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who have self-identified and been approved by the Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS). Lecture notes are posted here after both with the Office of Student Disability Services. sexual orientation and identity, and disability status), and are committed to Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Suite 300. Lecture recordings are posted to CIS 160 - Spring 2018 (instructor Val Tannen) Midterm 1 Review Posted Thursday February 22 On Thursday March 1 we will have our first midterm exam during the usual class time. 4. 160 in the fall is great cuz Rajiv teaches it( that man is literally a fucking legend). Rajiv is there to help you. Students taking CIS 160 seemed largely unalarmed by this news, having either already begun worshipping Prof. Rajiv Gandhi as their new god, or having generally no concern for the consequences of their mortal actions. of full He can be really helpful (though pretty intimidating) in one-on-one situations. difficulty. Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet by Steve Seiden. It’s a discrete math course with an emphasis on theory. [10 pts] Hoping to win the CIS 160 Sta Fantasy Football league, best buds Andy and Zach (70 Documents). We care about the holistic well-being of our students. to request accommodations or have questions, you can make an appointment by calling SDS at 215-573-9235. you are encouraged to discuss the matter with Professor Gandhi (set up a meeting by email) with an assurance


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