Rapunzel is one of the heroines, the wife of Eugene Fitzherbert and mother of Ruby. Eighteen years before the events of Tangled, Rapunzel's parents, the beloved King and Queen of Corona, were anticipating their firstborn. So the luxury of the tower is as much for Gothel as it is for Rapunzel. I’m always secretly pleased when Tangled is pick of the day and not just because of the dreamboat male lead . Izbrane nastavitve lahko kadar koli spremenite v razdelku Vaše možnosti nadzora zasebnosti. Oh look, you’re here too. But, for the majority of the time that Rapunzel spent in the tower (disregarding what happened at the end of Tangled, where Gothel kinda goes, it can be argued, insane out of desperation), Gothel tried (or at least kept a pretense of trying) to keep Rapunzel happy. It's difficult to tell from the film, but the likelihood is that, after 17 years, Gothel has developed a degree of fondness for Rapunzel. Mother also did nice things for her, like making her favorite hazelnut soup and going on a 3 day journey to get the shells she wanted. So, Gothel kidnapped the princess and imprisoned her in a cosy tower for 18 years. After all, Rapunzel is the only one Mother Gothel has. When it comes to her relationship with Rapunzel, Gothel is practically a textbook case of an emotional abuser. We continually see Gothel use psychological techniques to keep Rapunzel a willing prisoner. I would also speculate that Rapunzel's happiness is important to the success of the spell. However, Gothel ultimately chose her own survival over Rapunzel’s happiness whilst maintaining that all of the bad things she did were for Rapunzel’s own good – and by the end, I think she genuinely believed that. The Queen’s daughter, Rapunzel, then inherited the magical powers of the flower. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Or doesn’t she? So it's possible that Gothel has a degree of fondness for Rapunzel, but it's not very strong; everything that Gothel does is ultimately for her own selfish reasons. Mi in naši partnerji bomo shranili in/ali dostopali do podatkov v vaši napravi prek piškotkov in podobnih tehnologij za prikazovanje prilagojenih oglasov in vsebine, merjenje učinkovitosti oglasov in vsebine, vpoglede v ciljne skupine ter razvoj izdelkov. Feed her, clothe her, give her tools to have activities with and protect her from anyone who didn't have her best interest at heart. What is the reasoning behind nighttime restrictions during pandemic? Gothel did not love Rapunzel. Then when Gothel next appears, she and Rapunzel get into an argument. Gothel going off to get Rapunzel paint ingredients is part of the "protective mother" show.


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