A divider: used for transferring measurement from the metric rule to the drawing. A very large range of pen options is available—so much so that it may seem a little overwhelming. Architecture is all about bringing your creative vision to life, and it’s impossible to realize the full extent of your potential without the best tools at your disposal! DEW Drafting Supplies. It is graduated on each side, with scale ratios. Courtesy of Fox Chapel Publishers. A metric rule is used for measuring straight lines. They can also be paired up for specific angl drawing. Sharpen all charcoal by using a sharp utility knife or by using a fine-grade sandpaper. Once fixed, even an eraser cannot alter a drawing. An easel must be strong enough to hold your drawing board but also to take the pressure and weight you apply as you work. The best drafting equipment is a must for the most innovative and creative architects. Factory-Authorized Dealer For The Most Trusted Brands In The Industry. © 2019 IMM Lifestyle Books. Drawing paper. This object is used to manipulate and blend loose pigment, pushing it into, and consolidating it on, the paper’s surface. (Extra-thick sticks are also known as “scene painters’ charcoal.”) Thin sticks work well for fur, feathers, and other fine detail, while block charcoal works well for large areas. We have a variety of professional-grade drafting supplies, drafting tools, and drafting equipment. Why is drafting important in engineering? After all, Blick’s first product was a lettering pen! This black ink is in fact from China and becomes a warm, deep sepia color when diluted with water. However, if you find yourself working a lot in locations where it is difficult to find somewhere on which to rest a board, you may find it advantageous to invest in a portable sketching easel. Perhaps the best-known ink is India ink. These are instruments used by the draughtsman or the designer to draw various types of letters and alphabets. Also we have thin lead mechanical pencil (refill) which requires no pencil sharpening . In the wake of increasing digitalisation, technical drawing has to some extent been taken over by CAD systems. Conté sticks, crayons, and pencils are natural pigments bound with gum Arabic. Before you shop for the perfect drafting equipment, make sure you understand the essentials of the trade and the full range of technology available to you. Make sure you invest in quality equipment you can rely on throughout your career and that will stay dependable even as the architectural landscape shifts around you. 19 Years Serving Customers Like You. The Mechanical Drawing Tools commonly used in mechanical drawings such as dividers, drawing boards, pencils, scales, triangles and t-squares.


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