You can also toss in low level upgrades like minor runes, they are usually 20-30 copper in TP. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Please note that you should not craft the precursor The Legend if you want to save gold - only if you really want to do the collection. They don't call it the mystic toilet for nothing. and some arcane powder. (previous page) () I don’t imagine ANet will punish players for finding and using these recipes, but I don’t want to encourage players to abuse mechanics which are unintended. To start, this is the GW2 Wiki page for the Mystic Forge. Their stat point distribution puts them in line with weapons crafted with a Berserker insignia. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These recipes can include exotic weapons, upgraded siege weapon blueprints and upgraded crafting materials. Orbs and crystals craft items one rarity up. Your email address will not be published. The TP taxes are a gold-sink to keep inflation from running wild. News. @StabbersTheThird.6053 said: It appears recipes have a small chance to “crit” and create a different, rarer, skin. Our understanding of how this crit chance works is still limited, so I am only posting recipes for which players (or my own tests) have found in-game. You'll have to do some calculations on your own. There are few items with similar erroneous names. Bullet point question time! Where possible, I have linked to the corresponding wiki pages, so that you can see how the armor looks etc. Today I want to share with you all a Reddit post that I have been following for the last week that pertains to making gold using the Mystic Forge. First you have to ask the question in the first place, which means you are unwilling or able to make this deduction on your own. Are we talking about weapons? The reason I'm trying to make money is to get Bifrost and then Chuka and Champawat. Arcane Crystal = Summit Arcane Sliver = “Bone” theme (Shaman/Tusked/Antler/Fanged Sword/Macabre Pistol), Ivory (shortbow), Fiery Gladius Sword, Dragon: Arcane Orb = Quaggan Arcane Crystal = Lacerator (possibly a crit) Arcane Sliver = Bramble, Free Tournament Arcane Orb = [Nameless] (probably bugged, eg “PvP Staff”) Arcane Crystal = Priory, Vigil Arcane Sliver = Vigil, Whispering, Paid Tournament Arcane Orb = Arcing, Golden (Shield), Forge, Molten Arcane Crystal = Arcing, Nigtmare / Molten Arcane Sliver = Arcing, Kodan, Orian, Dwayna’s Longbow. Mystic forge recipes. Anomalous Results These results may be intricacies of the system which we don’t yet understand, or simple bugs, at this stage it’s hard to tell.


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