RA/LA reversed V1/V3 reversed . endobj stream 0000000016 00000 n ���lA�]7��g.�)�w�6�ETp�)��Y��6�$�s��R���A!>Uͻ�)��[��䏰^����U[A�toZ�U���6*�J0�_�(]�ePg��1ҘJLчc��ԛK\��{Z��� ݆-�V0BT迯�@��X The 5 Commandments of ECG Interpretation • Be systematic • Put into the clinical context • Find an old ECG • Watch out for bad data –Strive for good data • Do NOT be afraid to get help Watch out for bad data . Abnormal ECG 1. 1052 24 13 0 obj 3. 0 If your patient is admitted with a diagnosis of unstable angina, chest pain, or rule-out myocardial infarction, the 12 �Q�B�`�H}o�*玉'&&�F��a_mO]�\=P@�#.���'ަ��Q!� endobj 1052 0 obj <> endobj • Using the rules of ECG Interpretation, identify ventricular rhythms. %PDF-1.6 %���� endobj 0000012662 00000 n <> endobj xref 0000001944 00000 n 8 0 obj <> • Using the rules of ECG Interpretation, identify cardiac arrest rhythms. LVH with strain pattern (seen in LV pressure overload conditions like aortic stenosis, hypertensive heart disease, IHSS) (See p61 in the 2018 pdf Outline for various LVH criteria; ECG criteria for LVH has very poor sensitivity but high specificity) PR=140 QRS=90 QT=360 Axis= +15 ;��]�hS�g&�w}���?�Eu���o�H����BApb����D��"���_�1�oj��L���;ob�y�w� •Suspected MI with a non-diagnostic ECG •Record leads V7-V9 •Correlates with posterior wall MI •Left circumflex infarct related artery in all J Am Coll Cardiol 1999;34:748. The interpretation algorithm presented below is easy to follow and it can be carried out by anyone. �-�͵�-uc�kAǐ�Zׂ&*Ӕ�Xc-h� YT�0��;_ 2. endstream endobj Failure to perform a systematic interpretation of the ECG may be detrimental. endstream endobj 457 0 obj <>stream �J��~�?� �B 12 0 obj ",#(7),01444'9=82. from: Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s by Dale Dubin, MD COVER Publishing Co., P.O. (2002). 0000007899 00000 n 1 0 obj 2 0 obj The vertical, or yaxis, on the ECG is voltage, with each millimeter (mm) of paper equal to 0.1 millivolt (mV) (Fig 1.1). endobj Philadelphia: F.A. %���� While ECG interpretation is well covered in several books, The Six Second ECG is unique in its persistent attention to the connections between ECG interpretation, cardiac physiology and clinical significance. %%EOF Watch for bad data!! Includes a complete e-book, video lectures, clinical management, guidelines and much more. %PDF-1.5 453 0 obj <>stream Review common cardiac arrhythmias . 15 0 obj bipolar limb leads. 0000006267 00000 n endobj 6 0 obj E-Z ECG Rhythm Interpretation. ƦPW��C��� �蛿֋܊��/�h�$���׫��~�q�!�짏���3�hw8"�F�'£Y� ��3��?5 They form Einthoven's triangle. 0000003172 00000 n 0000004723 00000 n ECG INTERPRETATION:ECG INTERPRETATION: the basics Damrong Sukitpunyaroj MDDamrong Sukitpunyaroj, MD Perfect Heart Institue, Piyavate Hospital. Discuss a systematic approach to rhythm interpretation . <> <4/�:,]��nYq\$vg9)�_�;R�)َ���ĒNy��Gq2�va���L����i��\��v��9<<8?~wBX�O�N��ѧn��-'\�OW�'0�D9F�!�i�onqj����%� Basic ECG Rhythm Interpretation Objectives At the completion of this course the learner will be able to: 1. ���� JFIF ` ` �� C 0000002460 00000 n V7: posterior axillary line V8: posterior scapula line V9: Left border of spine V5-V9: same horizontal plane as V4 <>>> Each lead looks at … <> 0000003034 00000 n Overview • Conduction Pathways • Systematic Interpretation • Common abnormalities in Critical Care – Supraventricular arrhythmias endstream endobj 455 0 obj <>stream T�),�_�b2�] �~��c�VP'tr w=_�U2�:b�����h(B��\G�#ay�J��ܦ=�|����3i��H*� trailer 0000003072 00000 n Describe the physiology of cardiac muscle contraction. 0000004499 00000 n endobj ���{������$\�Ø�q͡ �p� �:���ᵪg�p��q� X0⍟���9��C_&F��n�"�o#L��UH�a�M�V,`���>�2����*�@�_8�5l��{�%�-�&�[sIo:0Bc5>�m)����4]�;7>��������4�H^l;�tu��37? 0000011301 00000 n The ECG must always be interpreted systematically. Accurate 12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation is an essential diagnostic tool when caring for the patient with clinical symptoms of a suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS). g]�Qvp�7�b%b��@I~���)N'��=�j������Hv����'�@�溊�:�1����z= endobj an ECG tracing, the following is a breakdown of how each grid is measured: There are basic steps that a clinician can use when interpreting any cardiac rhythm. • Using the rules of ECG Interpretation, identify heart blocks. • Using the rules of ECG Interpretation, identify junctional rhythms. 3 0 obj (2007). endobj These are steps that should always be used when interpreting rhythms, as it can make a difference in arriving at the correct interpretation and applying the appropriate interventions. W�;[�z��8�4��K�d�|0��N⣱���*q�%�������_����`�� 0000003971 00000 n Identify the sequence of normal electrical activation of the heart. 14 0 obj Ellis, Karen M. (2007) ECG Plain and Simple. endstream endobj 458 0 obj <>stream xڴULSW��^i_+���R�`�4`���Z�"2��`��&�0\j��f*����f�,cq�h2����8�M��,ELX�?s�H��8�� l1K|y���~�;��s�- H�# ��P#q�!�Rp�NM=X�Ҥy���ß�����y�N��I�,r�� ���X=*ϐy�s�C±��/�gᬉ�g���?|=}����>�}�,wK� t�����z���:��v�^�"��n���|ܲ�xM-�����H�q�������[%5� endobj ����'�~�. 0000005674 00000 n ECG interpretation Demographics Patient name, DOB, any symptoms (e.g. {?�a|��U�5�WQ9���IF�Q%�`0ޔx���.29��=>�eCp���� �++��vZk���\� �~f���_Vs°M`�=�*�~���-D�f��y+⥰���Ţ-Y���>�'��S�l�D��jPd�u�Og� ]�� � �t������t�3��d��S5|��!�W�=�Z`u�d=�e��=��I����v�ąPԨMķ%�`�M �(�� X��/�����S�`����wӫН�Vw�Z�&ԿA�˄��t��O�r���@�7Wh � ����s�M0�4 @�Q��1um}D��� I��zc�F$LD*��n��K56"Ý���cd���Ɛ��w���t��R����q*��6s�M���Y�P31*�(ht��@ṅіZ�������*Z(.���ׂ&Je���V-h���:�QA�D�L5�-���1*Z(娋5ւJ*���bp�ih�&J8�)�jA�ls�kA��� ECG Interpretation – F17 . �u����sY�ҕ��8m���v&��. ����B­�����&���[P/҆����S#�'OS�+�N{$���`��k;� ίj��IGoXPr���x��c�\$4��;C6���-�d���7W(QtGqYd���s�ͥ���^|H�y ��E��ĸ&�8�c�����H�w�ex#��'�:��E��7�#dӱ��Q���V��5����v3����>h1S7�`B���6��]2��Z��j *�V[$^]���i���&�c�A��k��f���A����H?/�yn�� n��@�5�(�Y"�2�� +X�e����'Cω#H��!���s�~n�J��f h��^v� %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000003222 00000 n 4 0 obj 10 0 obj endobj 0000010570 00000 n J�;'�zDFZ�|�N^�X�ERiƕbr/��Z1+;膼��aN�9츠�S���9��D�;�H�:h�p$��5��d�jRw@�����;��|�i��^0'e�%�^s�1��;L�>��ԑ�Ǟ�M%��~��gg�{7�s�9��`oȻ����A ��)��w͖ =T�].�ӠNHpX�7ؑ�}�P�b� endstream endobj 454 0 obj <>stream •Suspected MI with a non-diagnostic ECG •Record leads V7-V9 •Correlates with posterior wall MI •Left circumflex infarct related artery in all J Am Coll Cardiol 1999;34:748. endobj $.' ��x��ǨQM���Zڔ���Q#RC��I����u Z)RИD����[�ۅ�A�!�-v~mf �oD��ƭʚj�S������3Q}��:JQ�g�� ݺ4,���훰��m_d�y��W��;ԵJ�w��ey�'9d�N,~��o�)U+ variability in the 12 lead ECG • It takes considerable ECG reading experience to discover all the normal variants • Only by following a structured method of ECG interpretation and correlating the various ECG findings with the particular patient's clinical status will the ECG become a valuable clinical tool <> Davis Company Thaler, Malcolm S. (2010). <> The Only EKG Book You’ll Ever <> <>>> ����1?K�O��Hnj�gs4��3MK�L���k�F����K~1�5����� ^_�X@��t�){�8I�Q"�,Z�ɳ/Z�6â�5�����Լ��X�H(���UWOYP�O5�6R'�m^�t�oג̒m�oUR)���j�q�c)vPo-���7}OET�L�b��/M P>���|�O�)�y�̬{�3[ 0000005102 00000 n


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