The Office and Microsoft Edge settings are ADMX-ingested, and use the ADMX settings in Office administrative template files and Microsoft Edge administrative template files. Open Group Policy MMC, open Admin templates – MS Office – Shared Paths; Change the setting Enterprise Templates Path; If server share provide UNC Path. For more information about scope tags, see Use RBAC and scope tags for distributed IT. You can then assign or deploy this profile to Windows 10 devices in your organization. Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. Next, assign the template (also called a profile) and monitor its status. on For example, filter on Office, and select Activate Restricted Browsing. Templates are used to store styles and lots of other customizations that affect how you use Word. For the best experience, it's suggested to use Windows 10 Enterprise version 1903 (19H1/build 18362) and newer. Some of these settings are available starting with Windows 10 version 1709 (RS2/build 15063). The Windows settings use Windows policy CSPs. Or, configure settings that apply to devices (Computer configuration), and settings that apply to users (User configuration): When you select All settings, every setting is listed. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. For more information on assigning profiles, see Assign user and device profiles. In a corporate environment, however, you need to be concerned with managing templates so that you can protect the work that went into creating them. WorkGroup/User Templates, are the templates particular to the user and which they can modify it at any time. Tutorial: Use the cloud to configure group policy on Windows 10 devices with ADMX templates and Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Edge administrative template files, Use RBAC and scope tags for distributed IT, assign the template (also called a profile), Microsoft 365 using administrative templates. Choose Enabled, Disabled, or leave the setting as Not configured (default). Only the IE settings that apply to users are shown: The template is created, but may not be doing anything yet. Documentation i found is vague... Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. You can also narrow your search by only selecting Computer configuration or User configuration. For example, you have several device groups. You can complete this task using Administrative Templates in Microsoft Intune. This article lists the steps to create a template for Windows 10 devices, and shows how to filter all the available settings in Intune. Update Microsoft 365 using administrative templates. This assignment happens if the ADMX setting is a computer configuration (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE), or a user configuration (HKEY_CURRENT_USER). When you create the template, it creates a device configuration profile. The User Templates folder on each user’s local disk drive: If a particular user needs a specialized template, put it here. I know this is possible with a UNC path and Group Policy, but does it work the same way if I were to put it in a publicly available url or sharepoint library? In Review + create, review your settings. Some settings aren't included in all the Windows editions. Office 2016 GPO - Setting Enterprise / Workgroup Template Paths? All the settings with copy are shown: In another example, search for microsoft word. Fully managed intelligent database services. Search for explorer to see the Internet Explorer settings you can add to your template. In Basics, enter the following properties: In Configuration settings, select All settings to see an alphabetical list of all the settings. These settings allow group administrators to manage group policies using the cloud. The CSPs work on different editions of Windows, such as Home, Professional, Enterprise, and so on. If the profile is assigned to user groups, then configured ADMX settings apply to any device that the user enrolls, and signs in to. For GroupB, you want to assign a different set of settings. I know this is possible with a UNC path and Group Policy, but does it work the same way if I were to put it in a publicly available url or sharepoint library? Oct 18, 2017 at 19:13 UTC. For example, select the Path column, and use the next arrow to see the settings in the Microsoft Excel path. Policy Management Question: Deploying office templates using Enterprise Templates Path setting. These settings are built in to Windows, and are ADMX-backed settings that use XML. To see if a CSP works on a specific edition, go to Windows policy CSPs. If the profile is assigned to device groups, then configured ADMX settings apply to any user that signs into that device. For example, select All settings, and search for copy. Thanks. Select Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile. With some settings, a computer setting assigned to a user may also impact the experience of other users on that device. To make it easier to find specific settings, use the built-in features: In your template, select the Settings, State, Setting type, or Path columns to sort the list. If SharePoint library, add that as a network location (or map as drive in login script). Scroll down to use the before and next arrows to see more settings: Select any setting. They offer a simple and straight-forward way to configure the settings, and find the settings you want. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn. Policy Management Question: Deploying office templates using Enterprise Templates Path setting? Dan355E The key advancement in this template is its ability to consume configuration settings from a local database (such as Microsoft Access) or a remote, full-featured enterprise SQL database such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, AWS RDS, or PostgreSQL. Enterprise Templates, are all teh company templates on a central shared location. ask a new question. Here are some examples: In Scope tags (optional), assign a tag to filter the profile to specific IT groups, such as US-NC IT Team or JohnGlenn_ITDepartment. Now users can see templates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint – File – New; Using content types On a single-user machine, managing templates isn't that hard. When you select Create, your changes are saved, and the profile is assigned. A detailed description of the setting is shown. To create a form in Excel, can you have a fillable text box? The policy is also shown in the profiles list. The Windows settings in Intune correlate to the on-premises group policy path you see in Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit). The Workgroup Templates folder on a shared network drive: If you have templates that you want to make available to all network users on the network server, put them here. The Windows settings are similar to group policy (GPO) settings in Active Directory (AD). In your template, use the Search box to find specific settings. Usually setup with Read-only access. Empowering technologists to achieve more by humanizing tech. In your template, select the Settings, State, Setting type, or Path columns to sort the list. And, the Intune templates are 100% cloud-based. When you select Computer configuration or User configuration, the setting categories are shown. by For example, select the Path column, and use the next arrow to see the settings in the Microsoft Excel path. The administrative templates include thousands of settings that control features in Microsoft Edge version 77 and later, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office programs, remote desktop, OneDrive, passwords, PINs, and more.


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