Holst grew up in the world of Oscar Wilde, H.G. In order to make these translations from Sanskrit to English, Holst had enrolled at University College London (UCL), as a 'non-matriculated' student, to study the language. | B Leave feedback, Gustav Holst (born September 21, 1874 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK - died May 25, 1934) was an English composer and a music teacher for over 20 years. Although he had earlier lampooned the stranger aspects of modern music, the new music of Igor Stravinsky and A. Schoenberg influenced his work on The Planets. Died: May 25, 1934 - London, England. This unlucky coincidence may account for its subsequent obscurity as an orchestral work. The different movements in “The Planets” each represent a different planet in our Solar System. 34/4, H. 131, Capriccio (Jazz-Band Piece), for orchestra, H. 185 (edited by I. Holst), Carols (2) for chorus, oboe & cello, H. 91, Carols (3) for unison chorus & orchestra, H. 133, A Choral Fantasia, for soprano, chorus, organ, strings, brass & percussion, Op. 21/1, H. 86, St. Paul's Suite, for strings, Op. 8, H. 47 (from unpublished "The Cotswolds" Symphony), The Evening-watch, for chorus, Op. I hae seen the roses blaw, for solo piano, Ode to Death, for chorus & orchestra, Op. Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. 46/2, H. 166, Folk Songs from Hampshire, for voice & piano, H. 83, A Fugal Concerto, for flute, oboe & string orchestra, Op. His one work for brass band, A Moorside Suite, remains an important part of the brass band repertoire. 31/2, H. 116, Hymns from the Rig Veda, for voice & piano, Op. Gustav Holst and wife Isobel bought a cottage in Thaxted, Essex and, surrounded by medieval buildings and ample rambling opportunities, he started work on the suite that would become his best known work, the orchestral suite The Planets. 24, H. 90, I vow to thee, my country, for chorus & orchestra, H. 148, In the Bleak Midwinter, for chorus & organ, H. 73, Incidental Music to a London Pageant, for military band, H. 114, Invocation, for cello & orchestra, Op.19/2, H. 75, Japanese Suite, for orchestra, Op. | V Essential. On Sunday September 27, 2009, after a weekend of concerts at Chichester Cathedral in memory of Holst, a new memorial will be unveiled to the public. At the onset of World War I, Gustav Holst tried to enlist but was rejected because of his bad eyes, bad lungs and bad digestion. 40/2, H. 152, A Fugal Overture, for orchestra, Op. 32: II. Neptune, the Mystic, HOLST: The Planets / Suite de Ballet, Op. Holst’s most famous work is “The Planets” for Orchestra. In 1913, Stravinsky premiered The Rite of Spring, sparking riots in Paris and caustic criticism in London. He also travelled outside the bounds of Europe, heading to French-controlled Algeria in 1908 on doctor's orders as a treatment for asthma and the depression that crippled him after his submission failed to win the Ricordi Prize, a coveted award for composition. During the years 1920-1923, Gustav Holst's popularity grew through the success of The Planets and The Hymn of Jesus (1917) (based on the Apocryphal gospels), and the publication of a new opera, The Perfect Fool (a satire of a work by Wagner). During the first two decades of the 20th century, musical society as a whole (and Holst's friend Ralph Vaughan Williams in particular) became interested in old English folksongs, madrigal singers, and Tudor composers. We don’t have any upcoming events for this artist right now. 43/1, H. 159, Fantasia on Hampshire Folksongs, for string orchestra, H. 135 (arr. 48, H. 174, Songs from The Princess, for female chorus, Op. Holst's compositions for wind band, though relatively small in number, guaranteed him a position as the medium's cornerstone, as seen in innumerable present-day programmes featuring his two Suites for Military Band. Intermezzo: Andante con moto, The Planets, Op. After the lukewarm reception of his choral work The Cloud Messenger in 1912, Gustav Holst was again off travelling, financing a trip to Spain with fellow composers Balfour Gardiner and brothers Clifford and Arnold Bax with funds from an anonymous donation. Shortly after his return, St Paul's Girls School opened a new music wing, and Gustav Holst composed St Paul’s Suite for the occasion. Gustav Holst, English composer and music teacher noted for the excellence of his orchestration. 2, H. 8, Festival Choruses (3), for chorus & orchestra, Op. Gustav Holst attended the Royal College of Music in London on a scholarship, studying with Charles V. Stanford, and there in 1895 he met fellow student and lifelong friend Ralph Vaughan Williams, whose own music was mainly quite different from Holst’s, but whose praise for his work was abundant and who later shared an interest in Holst teaching the English vocal and choral tradition (folk song, madrigals and church music). Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Arthur Conan Doyle, Gauguin, Monet, Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Puccini.


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