Specific fusions yielded different results in different titles, too. DC Marvel Crossovers are events when DC and Marvel characters encountered each other from two universes. Assassins is amongst the worst of the lot, filled to the brim with the stilted writing and artistic overindulgence that characterized the worst of 1990s cape comics. As a result, Spider-Man and Superman team up to put an end to Doom's plans, put the Parasite back in containment and rescue their fellow heroes. After the heroes realize they're on the same side, Doom and his men kidnap Wonder Woman (and Hulk). Marvel's Grandmaster, a cosmic entity obsessed with games, offers to give Kroana the answer if he can best him in a game pitting the JLA and the Avengers against one another in an interdimensional scavenger hunt (with Krona given the side of the Avengers and Grandmaster taking the JLA). There are at least 16 cases of Marvel/DC crossover, beginning with “Superman vs. Thanos pulls Cyborg Superman into the Marvel universe and sends Terrax the Tamer and himself to the DCU. The only thing more exciting than two superheroes fighting is when they team up! The bad guy is Enigma Fisk, a terrible mash-up of the Riddler and the Kingpin. This time around, Daredevil is the one visiting, and turns up in Gotham to try and figure out why Catwoman is selling information on the Kingpin. The story deals with Krona, an exiled member of the Oan race, gaining the power of entropy and destroying entire universes in an obsessive quest to understand how they're created. When Carnage reveals he'd been faking, he takes the Joker and escapes before destroying his bio-chip and proposing a partnership. You can tell both companies feverishly wanted to create a false sense of history for the conjoined universes, cramming as many in-jokes as they could into each one of these one-shots. Ra's promises Kingpin he'll supply Vanessa with the cure only if he activates a machine he possesses that's capable of putting all of New York City under water. In retaliation, Grandmaster combines the universes with Krona trapped at the center. Though it wasn't the first time we saw superheroes battle over differing ideologies, the massive success of Marvel's 2006 event "Civil War" seems to have made the concept of pitting superhero vs. superhero something of a trope in modern superhero events. When it becomes clear Queelock is growing in size to fight the now kaiju-sized alien approaching NYC, the teams come together to protect the city. In 1996, something happened that most superhero comics fans thought was impossible: DC Comics and Marvel mashed their characters together into an all-new fictional construct. For now, Superman and Captain America seem destined to be competitors forever, which makes the moment when they were parts of a whole even more special. First Appearance Five years after the characters originally met, fought and teamed up on the pages of "Superman vs. When Spider-Man and Batman intervene, Kingpin reveals Ra's al Guhl's plans before allowing the two to board his private plane to help him stop Ra's. [Correction: As many have pointed out, The “Final” comes from Final Night, not Final Crisis. Though Impossible Man originally believed this would all be a harmless game, Mr. Mxyzptlk has far more sinister intentions. Batman and the Hulk team-up to stop the Joker and the Shaper of worlds. The poorly written VS event the years prior also left a bad taste in my mouth. For my money, JLA/Avengers by Busiek and Perez, was and still is, the best DC/Marvel crossover. The two other hottest properties, The Teen Titans and the Uncanny X-Men were the subjects of the next crossover. Silver Surfer then uses the Power Cosmic to return Metropolis to its normal size before returning home with Superman to stop a Skrull invasion Impossible Man set off while "method acting" as the Super Skrull. What happened next was the debut of the Amalgam Universe, a conceit that presented a landscape where composite characters like Super-Soldier had been around for decades. RELATED: Marvel Vs. DC: Their Most Epic Battles. While the art is fetching, the oddball stew of street justice and sci-fi—as seen in the Monarch character who’s equal parts Jim Rhodes and DC’s time-traveling bad guy Monarch—wasn’t as engaging as in better Amalgam titles. With Jamie's help, the two teams come together and travel to Emplate's dimension, where together they're able to defeat the villains and return home. Luffy Vs Naruto: Who Is The Best Shonen Protagonist? Here’s a great oral history of the project on. Ever since the days of Stan Lee dissing the Distinguished Competition on the other side of Manhattan, corporate figureheads from Marvel and DC have snarked at the other side’s offerings, crowed when their sales outstrip those of their competitors and taken in-continuity potshots at each other. After chasing separate leads, the two meet at an old church set up as a trap to kill Punisher. Using a small drone to control the Hulk, Doom sends him to Metropolis to free the energy sucking villain Parasite (the missing piece of his plan). The prose stylings read like everyone lost a bet, spitting out wannabe-clever nods at the root characters’ real continuity while strenuously trying to seem edgy. Tracking him to the Statue of Liberty, Kingpin arrives to kill Scarecrow with Batman and Daredevil following close behind. As a result, Hal Jordan (at the time acting as Parallax) pursues Cyborg Superman to the Marvel Universe, where he finds Silver Surfer fighting him. The Amazing Spider-Man," The Man of Steel and ol' Webhead teamed up again to stop Doctor Doom's latest attempt at world domination. By the time they arrive, the villains have severed their allegiance due to the Joker's penchant for theatrics going directly against Carnage's more direct approach of mass-murder. After Bats apologizes, the two jump in the Batmobile and track Carnage to the Joker's hideout. Meanwhile, Daredevil is working a case about a string of robberies which all ended in murder. Much like the Batman/Cap crossover, this book tries to tie the heroes' mythos together by making Matt Murdock and Harvey Dent friends from Law School, so when the final confrontation with Two-Face occurs, Matt is able to appeal to what's left of Harvey to help them stop Mr. Hyde.


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