Rahman: I’ve been so lucky. True Muslims do not like Allah to mean God or Ishwar. So you learn from our, you know, our forefathers, you will learn from them and say that, if I’m good to everyone else and I’m not good to my own family, am I a good father? In that the next one is something which I’m very, very interested in doing, but then I want to test it out. It is hoped that the ideas tossed here would reach those who have power to implement them and add to grand narration of resurgent India rooted in its ancient Sanskriti. So that’s what people have told me. Definitely. You can put them in Harvard, you can put them in Yale, but what comes from the parent is the most important thing. that’s a cool song by this remixer.’ So that’s not a good thing. Thanks for your comment. You and your beloved consort Sita are to be worshipped. So he was so charming. Oh Allaha! This film is a journey of an artist. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. I will call it secretly taking classes of script writing. Ishwar allah tere naam Sab ko sanmati de bhagwan Sara jag teri santaan Is dharati par basane wale Sab hai teri god ke paale Koi neech na koi mahaan, Sab ko sanmati de bhagwan Naatho nasalon ke bataware Jhoot kahaye tere dwaare Tere liye sab ek samaan Sab ko sanmati de bhagwaan Janam ka koyi mol nahin hai Janam manush kaa tol nahin hai It was worth nurturing him. It’d be exhausting. You know, my life was always in the studio, playing things and composing. So, okay, it’s very easy to call nepotism. Yeah. Is there any experiment done or theorems which prove that God doesn't exist? True Hindus do not like Ishwar to be equated to Allah or God. There’s a book about Gandhi’s son reporting about Gandhi not being a father. You can’t take that, push all the names and put the remixer’s name on it. Oh Allaha! Oh Allaha! I’m having access to Hollywood. Rahman: So strangely, I think, you know, the music industry has gone through a change. We get Dolby Atmos encoded, and they’ll be a first for Indian people. You have to be in public, you have to lose your inhibitions. Oh God! Rahman: I think it is not compensated with other things. I looked at them and said, ‘This guy looks like the next Batman or Superman,’ you know from India. Oh Allaha! So the thing is, I heard from a lot of composers, there is an original composition and people have worked hard on it. So when something’s successful, they overdo it and kill it, right? Music, you know, ideation usually for me comes from the director who gives this what the scene is, and then the lyric writer and then we jam. And so we are proud of that part. You could have chosen someone who can sing, who knows music. Following are his attributes. So everything felt so easy. Didn’t you think about let me also direct it? What is the scientific proof that God doesn't exist? Where’s another ‘Rockstar’, where’s another ‘Taal’.’ And so I think ‘99 Songs’ comes at the point where people are craving for original songs and to receive them, and so I thought, why don’t we join and make this an even more better experience? (03-07-2011), More than being an humble prayer, the poem is like a loaded tete e tete with God Almighty. Rahman: What happened was... I’ll tell you what happened.


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