Read Full Review, They didn't lie, this was a new bold new direction for the Juggernaut. How Was Jean-Paul Valley Chosen to Become the New Batman in Knightfall? This is a solid starting point. While there is certainly action and smashing to be had, Nicieza takes a surprisingly subdued approach towards getting inside Cain Marko's well-protected head. Joined by colorist Matt Milla, Garney brings his signature raw quality to the proceedings, both in sequences set in the big city rubble of the Marvel Universe to the fantastical sights Cain encounters while trapped in Limbo. A one-stop shop for all things video games. RELATED: Juggernaut: How the Largest X-Men Villain Became the Marvel Powerhouse. Read Full Review, There isn't a ton to rock you back on your heels in this book, to befair. It gives an often one-dimensional character a greater depth than is generally shone. Read Full Review, Juggernaut sets his eyes on the destructive Hulk to earn his redemption! Juggernaut mixes fantasy and superpowers in an unstoppable package. It's half-flashback and half-set up, with a final page revealthat has some real potential. Read Full Review, Juggernaut #1 is a good first issue in a new solo miniseries. Read Full Review, A gentle, low key take on the Juggernaut signifies a potentially interesting new story for the character. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It adds a lot of depth and emotion to a character who has at times lacked it. For such an unstoppable force, Juggernaut is met with more walls to navigate than most. Read Full Review, JUGGERNAUT #1 is a kinder, gentler, and frankly, more likable exploration of a character that's evolved beyond his origins. The art team elevates this issue beyond the story for a decent read. Fabien Nicieza and Ron Garney give Juggernaut fans, and those looking to become one, a street-level book that provides us with a peek at the man behind the Unstoppable.” It may not be what you expected, but it's better because of that. 9.0. Read Full Review, When all is said and done The Juggernaut #1 starts its the story off on the right foot. Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles. The writing is well done and the art greatly compliments the story. It's aspects we can all relate to and helps take this classic villain and a much welcome direction. That isn't to say the issue is overly self-serious, Cain's acerbic wit is on display, but the antihero isn't played for a one-track-minded dumb oaf either. So over all weak start for a number 1 issue. Read Full Review, "Juggernaut #1" is a low-stress and a pretty good time and that's that on that Read Full Review. Rated T+, Juggernaut is back in Manhattan working Demolitions for Damage Control! Read Full Review. This is shaping up to be an outstanding series. Garney doesn't have your typical clean superhero design aesthetic, but something that imbues a sense of deep calm or contemplation. It felt like a 90s comic, honestly. Read Full Review, This new series starring the Juggernaut puts the iconic character in a modern context that suits him perfectly. Nothing great, but I wasn't really expecting greatness. Daredevil: Whatever Happened to Matt Murdock’s Sidekick, Blindspot? In many ways it's a story of addiction, failure, temptation, and possible redemption. Typically, these types of comics have a cheap hook or an easy way to gain the trust of the reader, but here you'll be swayed by the interesting character dynamic, a Juggernaut with secrets to tell, and an art style that has a great atmosphere. Read Full Review, All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone who's even remotely interested in Juggernaut, or good comics, this was a fun book. There is a welcome sense of kinetics and dynamism in the action sequences that do appear in the opening issue but where the art team really excels is capturing how desperate and vulnerable Cain is while trapped from the rest of the outside world and cut off from his incredible powers as he ventures alone in the pocket dimension.


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