Kirk : “Not what I wanted, Bones. “ Dr. McCoy: Mr. Spock, remind me to tell you that I'm sick and tired of your logic. Sarek: Spock, you are still far too emotional to be truly Vulcan. Kirk : “Then we arm our side with exactly that much more. Star Trek: The Original Series, ‘The Ultimate Computer’. 10. Scott : “You can, sir, but I won’t lower the screens.” Of course, the M-5 itself has not behaved logically.” Favourite Quotes. McCoy : “I shall be honoured, sir.”, “To blazes with regulations! Don’t destroy the one named Kirk.”, “I’m a doctor, not a [moon shuttle conductor / bricklayer / psychiatrist / mechanic / engineer / scientist / physicist / escalator / magician / miracle worker / flesh peddler / veterinarian].”, “The intelligence, the logic, it appears that your half has most of that. Carol : “Is that a poem?” Do you realise what this really comes down to? Showing: 1 - 1 Dr. Leonard McCoy Quotes of 1. It was my cross-circuiting to B that recovered them.” The right computer finally came along!” – McCoy to Kirk, “Spock : “Most illogical. You know the greatest monster of them all? But they may rest easier.”, “Mister Spock, respect is a rational process! Neither side could pull out.” They’re offering you a chance for combat. It is MINE!”, “Look! With anger?” – McCoy to Spock, “It may be the last action you’ll ever take, Mister Spock, but it was all human.” – McCoy to Spock, “All of my old friends look like doctors. McCoy : “So, they take all the credit here. All quotations are provided for educational and informational purposes only. Guilt.” – McCoy to Kirk, “Crazy way to travel! YA BASIC. All quotations on this website are the property and copyright of their respective authors. The only solution is what happened back then. They consider it more pleasurable than love.”, “Does Maab know that the Klingons are our sworn enemies, by their own words?”, “Cause he was drawing a weapon on another of their guests!”, “The last thing I’ll want around is a ham-handed ship’s captain.”. I’m trying to thank you, you pointed-eared hobgoblin! Ralph Waldo Emerson. Guilt. I was lightly stabbed. Just a moment, Captain, sir. The information of Capellan traditions he obtained on this mission would demonstrate profitable in a later mission to the planet. Jim: I wasn’t injured. I’m a doctor, not an escalator. Spock: We have a saying on Vulcan. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy : I may throw up on ya. You don’t rob a bank when the getaway car has a flat tire. McCoy : “And if the Klingons give their side even more?” 13. Shut up, Spock. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. Kirk : “No. One tiny crack in the hull and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. We're rescuing you. Here, child belongs to husband.” Star Trek: The Original Series, ‘The Menagerie, Part 1’. What the Klingon has said is unimportant and we do not hear his words.”, “[whispering privately to Kirk] I just called the Klingon a liar.”, “[holding his hand on Eleens throat] Answer me! 3. You’re more afraid of living. The words aren’t important, what’s important is that you have a good time!” Fear of death is what keeps us alive. A balance of power, the trickiest, most difficult, dirtiest game of them all. Spreading a man’s molecules all over the universe!” – McCoy to Spock; on the transporter, “Scotty : “Captain, thank heaven!” Here are tons of Leonard McCoy quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –, “Life prolongation. Barrows: Don’t peek! Star Trek: The Original Series, ‘The Ultimate Computer’. McCoy : “Well then, thank pictchforks and pointed ears.”, “Here we are. Scotty: NOW you're an engineer.”. To Data, on the Enterprise-D. Star Trek: The Next Generation, ‘Encounter at Farpoint’. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy Quotes. We need it; it’s half of what we are. TOS : The Enemy Within. In 2253, McCoy built up a surgery for the humanoid cerebrum; joining neural tissue to the cerebral cortex, trailed by the making of an axonal pathway between the tissue unite and the basal ganglia. Leonard McCoy. I got nowhere else to go. There’s no intelligent life here. To Spock. McCoy : “God I liked him better before he died!”, “[speaking of Eleen] Representing the High Tier, Leonard James Akaar!”, “Has a kind of a ring to it, don’t you think, James?”, “[to Akaar] What Maab has said is true. Hence, these popular Leonard McCoy quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Star Trek: The Original Series, ‘The Deadly Years’. You know the greatest monster of them all, Jim? I don’t think I could stand to lose you again. A collection of quotes by Dr. Leonard McCoy. Star Trek: The Original Series, ‘The Ultimate Computer’. What you always do. To Spock. Bones: I bet he tucked himself in his bed too tight and got stuck. McCoy : “What you had to do. The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe. If you're not, pretend you are. When I "peek," it's in the line of duty. When I peek, it’s in the line of duty.”, “Fox : “Diplomacy, gentlemen, should be a job left to diplomats.


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