Sunflower oil is “non comedogenic” which means it does not clog pores. Since Sunflower oil is light in nature, it is suitable for everyday use. Benefits of Using Sunflower Oil: 1. We use it as a carrier oil in Aromatherapy. This Omega 9 acid is also responsible in preventing brittle hair and also hair loss. Acts as a Natural Emollient. Encourage hair growth. Take little quantity of the oil in your palm and apply to your hair to reduce the frizz, and dryness. All these amazing benefits come at a fairly low price which makes Sunflower oil my favorite add-on to the Natural Beauty kit. Benefits of sunflower oil for hair Improve scalp health. We can also use the other natural oils like Marachekku Oil in Chennai for the strong and healthy. Using vegetable based oils, seed oils for cooking are good for our health. is a rich source of beta carotene which makes the skin less sensitive to sun damage. Sunflower oil conditioners are … You can leave it overnight and then shampoo the next day. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is pale yellow in colour and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. I started this blog to share my passion about using Essential oils for wellness & help other moms in their wellness journey. It is light in texture and easily absorbed by the skin. Try to reduce the use of blow dryer and instead towel dry your hair. High content of vitamin E present in the Sunflower oil, helps to prevent the damage done by the ultraviolet rays to the skin cells. Let’s look at the benefits of using Sunflower oil for skin & hair care. it contains vitamin A, B, D & E. Due to high content of vitamin E, it helps to prevent the damage to skin cells by ultraviolet rays. It can work to stimulate blood circulation towards the scalp, which in turn can promote healthy hair growth. Your email address will not be published. Now a days, we are more aware about the products that we consume and also what we apply on our body. has essential fatty acid combinations required for firming and tightening the skin. If you want to know more about carrier oils, read this post. Try to use cold pressed and organic oils like this one as far as possible. Apply the oil on the hair roots and leave it on for about an hour then wash it off. Sunflower oil also contains oleic acid, which can stop hair breakage and may make it seem like hair is growing faster (since the ends aren’t breaking off). Be sure to brush the oil through your hair. Thank you for the post and it is very interesting to read. Sunflower oil is obtained by cold pressed method from the seeds of Sunflower Helianthus annuus. It … You need a very little quantity of the oil to smear all over the face. 13 Essential Oils for Hair Growth & Healthy Scalp: DIY how to mix & use, 5 DIY pumpkin beauty recipes for glowing skin, 7 Fall essential oil blends to make your home smell like fall, 3 Reasons why you should use Shea Butter for gorgeous skin, 5 Cost effective carrier oils for aromatherapy blends, 9 easy essential oil recipes moms can make this summer, 10 simple & easy essential oil products that you can make as a beginner. Applying a lightweight vegetable based oil to your hair is a fantastic way to get the nutrients directly to the places on your hair and scalp that need them most. You could also apply it as a live – on hair conditioner due its non greasy moisturising nature. It helps to moisturise and smooth the  wrinkles on the skin. Essential oils are very potent and they need to be diluted with Carrier oils. According to USDA FoodData Central, per 100 grams of sunflower oil packs over 41 mg of vitamin E, or alpha- tocopherol. Required fields are marked *. It is also light in texture and our skin absorbs it easily. What makes Sunflower oil good for hair care? To know more click here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Presence of rich beta carotene makes the skin less sensitive to sun damage. Due to its easy absorption, lightness and non clogging nature; it is a very suitable carrier oil for the treatment of acne. We commonly use Sunflower oil as a cooking oil. The high GLA ( gamma linolenic acid ) content of Sunflower oil helps in hair thinning and hair loss. Similar to jojoba oil, sunflower oil protects against water loss and in a … The healthy ingredients from our kitchen are making their come back as Beauty ingredients – just as our grandmothers used to do. All these amazing benefits come at a fairly low price which makes Sunflower oil my favorite add-on to the Natural Beauty kit. Sunflower oil is a valuable ingredient for conditioning greasy hair, says Valerie Ann Worwood in her book, “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.” Sunflower oil helps to nourish the hair and prevent breakage, say Caroline Bunker Rosdahl and Mary T. Kowalski in “The Textbook of Basic Nursing.” Few Tips to prevent Hair Loss Also Read: 13 Essential Oils for Hair Growth & Healthy Scalp: DIY how to mix & use, Amazing Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Skin & Hair, Top 5 Benefits of using Jojoba Oil for everyday Skin & Hair care. Weekly twice apply a slightly warm mix of plant based oils like Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Oliver oil and massage your scalp. It adds shine to the hair. Sunflower oil can be used as a hair conditioner. Hi, I’m Sheetal. Your email address will not be published. The high GLA (gamma linolenic acid) content of Sunflower oil helps in hair thinning and hair loss. Sunflower oil has Oleic acid ( Omega 9) which helps to stop breaking of hair and stimulates healthy hair growth. Contains high levels of Oleic Acid. [1] Vitamin E is considered to be good for hair and scalp health. Also, black oil sunflower for hair is rich in Vitamin E, which is essential for hair growth. is a very important source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which helps in skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It traps moisture into the hair shaft and leaves no unpleasant oily residue. The health benefits of cooking with Sunflower oil are many, like its ability to improve heart health, boost energy, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. It moisturizes the hair, stimulating natural hair growth. This Omega 9 acid is known to be one of the essential acids that are needed to be a part of your diet as it can stimulate natural hair growth. Sunflower oil contains vitamin A, B, D & E. Sunflower oil is very gentle and you can apply it to skin. Addition of 4 – 5 drops of Tea tree essential oil to a teaspoon of Sunflower oil will make a light antibacterial daily moisturiser for oily skin. If you do this treatment once every other week you will notice that your hair is thicker. This essential oil works as a natural… Sunflower oil is known to have a main component and high levels of Oleic Acid, which is an Omega 9 acid. Use natural mild shampoo and replace the surfactant based chemical shampoos. Your healthy scalp is without a doubt the foundation of your healthy hair. Sunflower oil as a conditioner promotes hair gloss and fight off frizz caused by either winter air or summer sun. What makes Sunflower oil good for the skin? Sunflower oil provides a protective barrier to the skin. Try to use cold pressed and organic oils like this one as far as possible.


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