industry hauling cattle/sheep/hay/farm equipment/etc. Cattle Breeds - Miniature Hereford Miniature Hereford History The Miniature Hereford has been developed over the last 30 years by selective breeding of stock that was originally imported to the US from England in the early 19 th Century. Registered animals will always be more valuable than unregistered stock, simply because of their known pedigree and genetic make-up. Region 6 Members, My name is Craig Members using may pay registration fees on their account with a credit card or electronic check. only time and money, which if you’re like me, am limited in both areas, but the and gas field. quality that we can to move on to others that may want to show more Region 6, but the MHBA as well if we all work together for the common goal. The Miniature Hereford breeding program was started by the Largent family in 1974, whose ranch is located in the Davis Mountains of Texas. aggressively or even just wanting to start their own herds. Use this site to submit your entries. Learn how your comment data is processed. The American Hereford Association is second-largest U.S. beef breed associations with more than 7,000 active adult and junior members. I currently reside in Hamilton Texas and co-own and operate with Keep in mind I am new into this position and may not be able to If you don’t have a registration form, call AHA member service to have a form mailed to you or download one here. Please join us at: I look forward to hopefully one day meeting or getting to We must remember at the end of the day it’s The MHBA Miniature Hereford World Show has been moved to Grand Island, NE for the 2021 show year only due to the postponement of the NWSS. The cost of registration is determined by the age of the calf at the time of registration. The MHBA Announces the new Website is open! Board. enjoy working with their cows and offer special deals to young people so they It’s a two sided form, with part 2 needed for submitting transfer on entry and sire- owner signature information. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have extended entries to May 15, 2020. enjoyment, to the members that raise their cattle to be in the show world. I have spent the last 32 years in the midstream business Miniature Herefords are registered with the American Hereford Association (AHA), just like regular Hereford cattle. that we can always overcome and prevail in doing what is best for not only Production of expected progeny differences (EPDs) is waived on their herd. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you Electronic registrations receive a discount and registration information is made available in real time. Fortune 250 company based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Registration tip: If your herd is comprised of animals from multiple membership accounts (family members, children, partners, etc. Traditional paper recording members can mail a check with their registration application(s) or call the AHA member service department and pay with a credit card over the phone. If a registry type wasn’t declared, then you’re automatically enrolled as a pedigree breeder. off the road and go into the Health, Safety and Environmental world in the oil Registration dates: 4/1/2020 - 5/28/2020 Exceptions may apply View Details We're looking forward to seeing you in Hutchinson, KS in June for "Sunflower Showdown" 2020 Miniature Hereford Junior National Show (MHJN). Website to Preview Lot Info (if applicable). forward to working with all members whether you like to raise the minis for your The cost of registration is determined by the age of the calf at the time of registration.. Pedigree breeders can register and transfer cattle but do not maintain and report performance data to AHA. We encourage you to contact Leon with any ourselves, but occasionally, our grandkids will, our main focus here at the Farms where they breed Miniature Hereford cattle. Performance breeders participate in the Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPRTM) program and are required to maintain a cow herd inventory, report calving ease and weaning information annually on the produce of every female in the inventory. visit with each of you soon. in San Angelo, Texas. Leon has retired as the CEO/General Manager The MHBA Miniature Hereford World Show has been moved to Grand Island, NE for the 2021 show year only due to the postponement of the NWSS. Show cancelled due to COVID – Region 5- Clay County Fair is cancelled, Show cancelled due to COVID – Region 2- NC State Fair is cancelled. Required fields are marked *. The MHBA Announces the new Website is open! In addition to the registration cost/head, lifetime, adult and junior memberships require an annual member service fee of $100 ($20 for junior members) in order to register an animal during the current fiscal year. My contact information is listed below. it takes. for the MHBA. Members may sign  up for a free online account and register their calves electronically.


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