Draught(current of wind, quantity of liquid) A draught of cool wind was very refreshing. She loves sharing her knowledge and wants everyone to learn and grow. Stimulus(incentive) Man hardly acts if there is no stimulus before him. Refuse(refers to future(request, order) Meeta refused that she would not return the money. 2011-07-09T20:25:40Z Immanent(present everywhere)Divine force is immanent in universe. Confirm(ratify) I shall confirm my programme tomorrow. Your email address will not be published. <. She has a very deep interest in Science and technology. Fateful(very significant)The formation of I.N.A. Noticeable(easy to notice)There is noticeable improvement in the patient. Industrious(hard working) My friendis a n industrious man and he achieved success in life. Patrol(go round)The patrol van is regularly moving on the highway day and night for our protection. Provident(frugal, thrifty) She is quite provident and economical in household expenses. Domineer(to dominate)Mothers in law try to domineer over their daughters in law. Allude(refer,cite)The speaker alluded to many examples from the Gita. Fain(gladly)She would fain do anything for her friends. Economic(pertaining to economy)India is yet to cross many hurdles to overcome economic crisis. Delivery(giving letters etc. In English, we find several words that are derived from the same root word. Tolerant(liberal in ideas) Every religion teaches us to be tolerant of the religious views held by others. (b) being in a horizontal position 1. Prudential(of prudent actions, policy) The prudential actions of my father saved the family from financial crisis. Collusion - ( Conspiracy, Connivance) - There is an apparently collusion between the politicians and bureaucracy for looting the country. (ii)Those, who dive into river/sea, are divers. They are also called Homophones. Manifestation(act or desire that makes obvious) Indiscipline among the youth is just a manifestation of serious national level. Examples are seal and seals (p lural of seal which is an Officious(ready to offer services, flatterer) Beware of officious fellows. Wrapt(lost in, absorbed) She did not notice my arrival as she was wrapt in her thoughts. In English, we find several words that are derived from the same root word. UPSC Success aims to create a single point of reference for all needs related to Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Antic - ( Tricks ) - Antics of the magician were liked by the children. Felicitate(to congratulate)I felicitated him on his success. Access – approach Sight(scenery, vision)The mutilated body of a child was a ghastly sight. Learnt(past of learn)He learnt his lesson very well. Paronyms - The words which are different in meaning or use but are similar in form or derivations are called Paronyms. Exposure (eg. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Limitation(shortcomings)There are many limitations in Parliamentary form of government in backward countries. endobj Exhausted(tired)He was exhausted and went to bed immediately. Besides we shall add vocabulary from you if you share it with us. Deferment(postponement)His application for deferment of hearing was turned down. Excessively(to a great extent(bad sense) They spent money on the feast lavishly and excessively. PART 3 consists of a sequence of sentences and objective comprehension. Halo(circle of light around the head) Holy men are painted with halo around their heads. Especial(to a great degree) It is especially hot these days. Download Objective General English book pdf by S.P. Ahmed Horde(a gang)A horde of militants intruded into Indian territory. Financial(monetary)He suffered hug financial loss in the business. Course(line of action)He has given up immoral course of life. I do not agree. Inherent(inborn quality)sincerity is inherent in her character. ... synonyms, homonyms, antonyms and paronyms. This book was written by Author Shanthi Prakash Bakshi who is also called SP Bakshi. Direct narration 2.Indirect narration. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Homonyms are words that are written in the feminine and masculine in the same way, but they have different meanings. Exceptionable(objectionable)I objected to her exceptionable remarks against my parents. Rein(bridle of horse)He reined the horse and escaped a fall. <> Thus, one does not get any indication of their belonging to one word or the other. 29) Credulous(simple, artless)Children are credulous by nature. Respectful(showing respect) You must be respectful to your elders.


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