R2: Narutoverse gets 3 months of prep time, Normal darkseid can solo soulfire is a next level stomp. Morals off. How is that statement relevant to this fight? 100. thank you ! The Asgardian prince has fought many enemies of similar strength and power levels, especially on a cosmic scale, so Darkseid should take note of the Odinson. Only Sage of Six path Naruto and Rinnigan Sasuke and A few Others could match his strength. I would say Darkseid, but then again rune king Thor defeated those above, which are considered to be elder gods. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Not very knowledgeable on SF Darkseid; however, based on implied power he would stomp. If he uses the Power Gem as Thanos can, then he would wish himself to be infinitely powerful (aka omnipotence), he already has omniscience and Rune Magic doesn't seems to be any joke, btw he has more control over the OF (TF) than Odin ever had, so all put together, if Darkseid is as powerful as everyone is making him to be, feat-wise the edge is in his hands, but we didn't really saw what RKT alone can do, let aside the true potential of Rune Magic or OF, let aside him wishing himself to have infinite power and strenght with the Power Gem. Feat wise, RKT seems to be more powerful. Darkseid (Soulfire) vs Rune King Thor. This is one of the most horrific stomps I've seen in quite a while. Overpowering the Source is something beyond the power of RKT. ... With the Soulfire Darkseid can draw upon the power of the other Darkseid’s in the multiverse making him a multiversal being. I'm not as familiar with all of darkseid feats,but I reckon darkseid wins the fight if he has x amount of new god souls, each multiplying his power tenfold. Do you know why Emperor Doom wins? Also rune thor willingly joined the void afterwards, and later on brought himself back into existence through his own will. Once more, you have delivered a well done fight, good sir. Bolt: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE! Darkseid vs Thanos Kneel before me or be destroyed! **** Thanos is completely immune to the Anti-Life equation as he is resistant to mental alteration and he already understands that life is meaningless meaning it wouldn't undermine him to the point of surrender. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. So if you combine the soul of 1 new god with another you power increased 10 times. Cookies help us deliver our Services. RuneKingThor is nowhere near universal threat. @Killemall: @rolldestroyer: Why may I ask? Power. Not sure what he could do with 2 days prep. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! This Darkseid basically absorbed all the souls of the New Gods and was capable of matching The Source(foundation for all life and levels of existence in the Multiverse). SF Darkseid, but if we take Loki's suggestions seriously they not only survived the destruction of everything - which is insane - but may also be Beyonders. Who wins? His power level there is hard to know, but we know 2 things. Soulfire Darkseid has all the powers of the new gods and is near omnipotent. Gray Fullbuster vs Usui Horokeu Strengths: As one of the main protagonists of Fairy Tail Gray is one of the most powerful Mages in the Fairy Guild and is ranked as a Devil Slayer Mage, Superhuman strength (Is physically one of the strongest characters in Fairy Tail, Can lift hundreds of pounds in weight, Once kneed a man so hard he went through a stone wall, Once through Lucy dozens of feet into the air when they were both buried to their waist in the ground), Superhuman durability (Shrugged off having a Sword rammed through his stomach, Tanked an attack that could destroy stone, Survived being accidentally hit by Erza’s Thunder Empress Lightning), Massively hypersonic speeds (Is one of the fastest characters in Fairy Tail, Can casually keep up with Natsu, Can run across water), Is arguably the most powerful Ice Mage in Fairy Tail (Could be, Bringer of Darkness: Alright, the katanas are drawn and the souls are roaming the earth!


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