OR the specific heat. /Names << /Dests 4 0 R>> >> /S 141 x��]�n�8}��`_܋�"Qԭ�~��Nc4XL�a��(��xƶK��|���|�JbQ�E9v�\z�ht:�I�RuXu�H9�]�av秳��1Z��9o�F�_�������t}~� ��@����������g�e�,���uݪht~6��p����o�i��3�� /Length 353 /Size 62 Ex: How many joules of heat are needed to raise the temperature of 10.0 g of aluminum from 22°C to 55°C, if the specific heat of aluminum is 0.90 J/g°C? 0000012793 00000 n >> /CropBox [0 0 612 792] /ID [<28bf4e5e4e758a4164004e56fffa0108><28bf4e5e4e758a4164004e56fffa0108>] 0000024777 00000 n i�t3�%guc\7jAs�� �S�� Heat Capacity, Speciflc Heat, and Enthalpy Stephen R. Addison January 22, 2001 Introduction In this section we will explore the relationships between heat capacities and speciflc heats and internal energy and enthalpy. SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY I. /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] 0000047495 00000 n ��E�G�q�(�7�J�M��{�G��ቄjG�j)��5y2#��5�g����赒X>ɳ��*�L"��+��j�}�%�9� �(���JB��BRa[\�>��?��]���zS,��o� oWvm\�OJ�w�=HQ��-x/�*�T�D0�cݐ�t’eB�t1������*�\S�#S�i�l���z���r\��dT���nW4��;�?p��DZe������[;,O�Gj�;���rf\�=��b��b��'�{5���ײ�ۦ�Ӊ*������,[ #xr�n��4[����� f�$��MWdg����f0}a�;,09!��W���N�ټ��_�PS�?0��c�W�(�?��6)x��M�pmӌY���r��^����Q�n��D����+]�ֺz-6N��$a��b9�r��p�.o>Xo�ز���h�ll�/��Axj�sؖ��w�J\m�k_��[)��@w��m�#x]�+c�v���'Y����8ޣ�h��G�V5�PԀf��w. >> Q = C m ∆t Where Q Æ quantity of heat absorbed by a body m Æ mass of the body ∆t Æ Rise in temperature C Æ Specific heat capacity of a substance it depends on the nature of the material of the substance. View Lab Report - Lab Report Specific Heat Capacity.pdf from CHEMISTRY 345 at University Of Arizona. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text] 0000038997 00000 n /Resources << •Plastic has a higher heat capacity, so it takes much /Info 11 0 R 0000056510 00000 n At that time, it was found that the specific heat at constant volume (Cv) of a substance is defined to be its heat capacity per unit mass when all changes are made /Prev 59932 /Contents 15 0 R 0000049113 00000 n 0000040588 00000 n 12 0 obj �5�,���_�"�2��L͆��ca�N��_Y�d�E_��Zpf�hGP�؁oE�b���C��`��p����\� �u�ZT�凝����݂8��{>� 0000023316 00000 n /Type /Catalog 0000047778 00000 n 0000039199 00000 n << 0000055461 00000 n 0000055162 00000 n 0000050049 00000 n /Parent 10 0 R 0000023512 00000 n >> endobj 0000029335 00000 n Heat Capacity The heat capacity of an object is the energy transfer by heating per unit tem-perature change. 1. /P 0 0000051280 00000 n Specific Heat and Heat Capacity Worksheet DIRECTIONS: Use q = (m)(Cp))(ΔT) to solve the following problems. Specific heat capacity The specific heat capacity of a material on a per mass basis is which in the absence of phase transitions is equivalent to where is the heat capacity of a body made of the material in question, is the mass of the body, is the volume of the body, and is the density of the material. 12 50 K) Air 1012 Lead 128 Aluminum 897 Lithium 3560 Ammonia (liquid) 4700 Magnesium 1023 Asphalt 920 Marble 858 Benzene 1750 Mercury 138 Brass 380 Methane (275 K) 2191 Calcium 650 Methyl alcohol 2549 0000013939 00000 n 0000031152 00000 n 0000000017 00000 n That is, C = Q 4T: << 0000051474 00000 n c for water is 4.184 J/g C°C Formula: q = mc)T q = heat lost or gained )T = change in temperature Specific Heat Capacity of iron is 0.45 J/g*°C •How many joules will it take to heat a 100 gram frying pan of iron from 20°C to 150°C? >> 0000001853 00000 n << 0000054026 00000 n If no losses occur, this must be equal to the heat gained by them, which is (mcSc + mw)(T2 - T1).Thus: Mc(Tb - T2) = (mcSc + mw)(T2 - T1) (2) /L 60308 0000028293 00000 n 15 0 obj 0000012984 00000 n /Linearized 1 d�0���P~�1j��4Ǻx� ����S��WR�\ �C��P4 �Kq`����w�o| 0000048943 00000 n %PDF-1.4 /E 56704 startxref 0000052882 00000 n Thermodynamics principles were developed during the industrial revolution when the steam engine and later the gasoline engine became the focal point of intense research. Specific Heat Capacity (c) • the quantity of energy , in Joules (J), needed to change the temperature of one gram (g) of a substance by one degree Celsius (/C).


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