Also voiced by Kenneth Mitchell, the Federation Guard has security armor and a helmet reminiscent of the kinds of outfits security guards wore in The Motion Picture, The Search For Spock, and The Undiscovered Country. This is the same design of shuttle Spock took to hook-up with the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. And yes, Trelane did challenge Kirk to a duel in “The Squire of Gothos,” and Kirk accepted. in one place, ever, this feels like yes, this counts as an Easter egg. Also, if the shuttle crashlanded during a Gorn wedding, does that mean they crashlanded on Cestus III, a planet the Gorn took over in the TOS episode “Arena?”. Although he was human, the Picard clone named Shinzon (Tom Hardy) considered himself a Reman. He joined the Sunriseread team for taking the website to the heights. Joseph is an experienced freelance journalist. This Star Trek: Lower Decks article contains spoilers. An email will not be created automatically. Mariner, Rutherford, Tendi and Boimler know their Trek history better than most real life Trekkies. For most people, Roga Danar (played by Jeff McCarthy) is as Mariner says, “some dude nobody has heard of.” He appeared in the TNG Season 3 episode “The Hunted,” and briefly, did “outsmart” Picard, just as Boimler says. And to prove it, this episode has more Easter eggs and deep-cuts than (mabye) all the other episodes combined. Star Trek: Discovery actor Kenneth Mitchell — who played the Klingons Kol, Kol’sha, and Tenavik— plays the voice of the insect-like Captain Seartave. When Dr. T’Ana says that nobody on the ship remembers her, this could reference the TNG episode “Remember Me,” in which Dr. Crusher enters a small bubble parallel universe in which people she knows, start to vanish from existence. The garbage bag’s behind you!” The Twain thing references Mark Twain pulling a gun on the TNG crew in “Time’s Arrow.” And the Tasha comment seems to reference “Skin of Evil,” when a creature who you could call a “garbage bag” did kill Tasha Yar. The events of Nemesis and the attempt for the Remans to take over the Romulan Empire happened just one year prior to Lower Decks, in the year 2379. Jax tells Rutherford to “to a fan dance,” to distract the guard. Mariner’s defense of Khan echoes what Trekkies generally think; that he’s the best Trek villain ever, though obviously, nobody would pit Khan against Roga Danar! He says “Mark Twain’s got a gun!” and “Tasha No! Considering we’ve never seen this many Gorn (Gorns?) Like a goddess! Star Trek: Lower Decks streams exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States and in Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. The restaurant first appeared in the DS9 episodes “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost.”, Picard’s family wine vineyard, made famous in “All Good Things…” and the series Star Trek: Picard, first appeared in the TNG episode “Family.”. In that case, the fan dance only got Kirk and Spock some horses. So, really, this ship has only appeared in canon in 1968, 2008, and twice in 2020. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! We never met the Remans until the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. Non-Vulcans have done the Vulcan nerve pinch on several occasions. Q says “Do you think humanity is really worth saving?” which was basically his whole beef in “Encounter at Farpoint,” when he calls humanity “a savage, child race.” The ridiculous board game, in which the crew is turned into chess pieces could reference the DS9 episode “Move Along Home,” in which the crew has to act out certain moves that are reminiscent of a board game. If anyone was on the fence as to whether or not the Lower Deckers in Star Trek: Lower Decks were also giant in-universe Star Trek fans, the latest episode, “Veritas,” will reveal the truth. Jax mentions a “Denobulan flesh-eating bacteria,” which references the Denobulans, a race of friendly aliens made famous by the prequel series Enterprise, specifically Dr. Phlox. Picard did it in the TNG episode “Starship Mine,” Data did it “Unification,” and Michael Burnham did it in “The Vulcan Hello.” Most hilariously, McCoy tried to do a Vulcan nerve pinch in The Search For Spock, while Spock’s Katra (soul) was in his body. Margot Robbie shows off her company by the sea, Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 5 Things To Know About The Actor Arrested & Charged With DUI, Aislinn Derbez reveals why she did not want to separate from Mauricio Ochmann, How Miley Cyrus Feels About Ex Cody Simpson’s PDA With Marloes Stevens on Lunch Date, J Balvin speaks openly about his depression on video, Miranda Lambert’s Husband Gushes Singer, 37, Is the ‘Most Caring Person’ In Sweet Birthday Tribute, In tiny pink swimsuit Jennifer Aniston shows off her beautiful figure, Cardi B Admits She Always Wants ‘More’ & Is Almost Never ‘Satisfied’: I’m ‘Very Hard On Myself’, Beautiful Catrina! But, in 2380, Picard is still in Starfleet. Here are all of the Easter eggs and references we caught in Star Trek: Lower Decks, Episode 8, “Veritas.”. Prior to this episode of Lower Decks this style of Romulan ship has only been seen in canon three other times: In the TOS episodes “Balance of Terror” and “The Enterprise Incident,” and in the Picard episode “Absolute Candor.” That said, the Bird-of-Prey in “The Enterprise Incident” was digitally inserted into the remastered “Enterprise Incident” in 2008. This is the second time the M-113 “Salt Vampire” creature has been referenced on Lower Decks, but the first time we’ve actually seen it in the flesh — sucker hands and all. When Gene Roddenberry first created the character of Q, TNG writers were worried he’d be too similar to Trelane and fans wouldn’t accept it. Later in the episode, Rutherford describes the setting for the episode as “Alien trial 101.” He’s not wrong. in one place, ever, this feels like yes, this counts as an Easter egg. Everything about the interior of the Romulan ship matches a TNG-era Romulan ship, which seems to reference, mostly, the TNG episode “Face of the Enemy,” in which Troi is kidnapped by Romulan agents, but also, made to work for them.


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