You will appear much clearer to the person you are chatting with. So much for loyalty. At my house I have telus internet and optic TV on twisted pair lmao, What plans on telus are unlimited? Which is better, Telus 150mbps download/upload fibre optic or Shaw up to 300 mbps download 20 mbps upload? Telus 150 vs. Shaw 300 internet. These are the new plans on the "Order" page. Also the trick when your promo rates end is to look up the promo rates at the time for both parties call in to cancel and get transferred to retention/loyalty to negotiate a new promo rate. Compare Telus Communications and Shaw Cable pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Total cost over 3 years (incl one discounted month) = $1,955 + tax. Close. I'm a video editor who sometimes works from home, which means I need to upload massive video files. no internet connection, and after a little wait it appears again. Looks like they did. Heeeelllllllpppp................. Too bad Telus hasn't responded in price. I expected to notice a substantial increase in my overall browsing experience jumping from 150>300 Mbps, but that's not the case. Although speedtest results show our speeds exceeding 300 Mbps, my upload speeds are still pathetic at 15-16 Mbps. I read somewhere (probably here) that TELUS is testing 1Gbps and even 10Gbps service over Fiber. YMMV. Ask Vancouver. Telus like to structure their deals based on contracts. My previous home had Purefibre and showed area manager speeds I am getting and so 3 weeks later when even my hose was in planing stage they made a deal with Telus to bring their infrastructure in the area. good when your builder listen to you and to your voice on such amazing level. shaw has 6 month 30 bucks now for 25 mbps but I hear it's more of a 'shared' coaxial community line and depends on how many people are on at that time of day so you are not guaranteed your full allotted mbps. Telus 150 vs. Shaw 300 internet. Asking to look into Telus. Right now I am paying 110 for all three services. Thank you for reaching out! However, when you break down the numbers and take a closer look the competition couldn't be any more fierce. Also the highest performing modem (Technicolor XB6) with Shaw has a fan (so it does make noise) and only 2 Ethernet ports if that matters to you. BTW, I am using Telus 150. Telus should show up Shaw! 30 comments. I have faith you can do better ! Maintenance is still frustrating if I'm doing something. These tend to be much better than what they openly advertise or directly push themselves. I just got a "cold" call from the Shaw marketing people and they were offering me 300 speed for $38 for first 12 months, then $53 for the next 12 months and then the reg rate is $95.


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