She destroyed Mjolnir and defeated Thor more than once. It's uncertain what her fate was after her second defeat at the hands of Lady Sif. Yes EG was bilions of time better movie than X-men Age of Apocalypse. Thanos is the Mad Titan that no one wants to piss off and Apocalypse is the god of the mutants who cannot be beaten by any force of power! Thanos wins! Who will win in a fight between Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) (MCU) and Apocalypse? This battle is going to be as fierce as things could get! I think it's a good fight, but I do get the impression that Thanos would rank above Kurse. Apocalypse wins untile r4, Thanos has no way of countering his powers nor he has any range, also Ap seems to be faster and more resilient to damages while having the same force. After all, before acquiring the Reality Stone and the Space Stone, Thanos didn't have that much control over gravity and if it turned against him as Talbot might have ensured, Thanos may not have succeeded in the end. Either way, this shows just how powerful Thanos is. If Tony Stark had been successful in the Ultron project, the evil robot might have actually been able to protect Earth, and by extension, the Time and Mind Stones from Thanos' grasp. Jean herself showed us the power of the Phoenix when she defeated Apocalypse, almost single handed because -- let's be honest -- while everyone joined in when Apocalypse was vulnerable, Jean could have very easily vanquished him on her own. Thanos is notably the biggest villain the Avengers have ever had to face. Although Thanos would undoubtedly have the edge over Apocalypse were he to use the Infinity Gauntlet, without it, Thanos could very well meet his match. This enables him to heal almost in an instant and to transform his body into many deadly weapons. You've probably heard it said that nothing can stop the Juggernaut. Kurse absolutely demolished Thor and Thanos absolutely demolished Hulk. For the most part, the Avengers were bound by the strength of their morality. The reason why this superintelligent android might have been able to stop Thanos is because he understood the Mind Stone and was an elusive opponent as far as superhuman beings went. There are a good couple of years ahead before we start seeing any mutants encountering the characters of the MCU, so it's unlikely we'll ever see Magneto fight Thanos (depending on Thanos' fate in Avengers 4), but it's likely that if the two ever did meet, Magneto would be powerful enough to give the Mad Titan a decent thrashing. A whole movie could be made upon this. When you compare him to the comic … Apocalypse & Horsemen (Fox) vs Thanos & Black Order (MCU), http://blackpanthermarvel.blogspot.c...her-feats.html, All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow. Press J to jump to the feed. The Dark Phoenix has really only appeared once in the X-Men franchise and when she did, she wiped out almost everyone on Alcatraz Island. If it was up to Killmonger, Thor would have lost his head on the ship, Vision would have been dismantled along with the Mind Stone and Thanos would have had nothing to bargain with. Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) (MCU) vs Apocalypse. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Thanos wins! Ti. Too bad he turned into a malevolent, world-ending machine and had to be put down. Doctor Strange vs Thor: Here’s Why The Asgardian Will Lose to The Sorcerer, WandaVision – New Teaser Reveals the Release Date of the Disney+ Series, 12 MCU Villains Whose Intentions Were Understandable, Hidden Details From Heath Ledger’s Joker In The Dark Knight You Missed, 12 Celebrity Names That You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong, Black Adam Will Bring in DC Universe’s Strongest Superhero Till Date, 10 Celebrity Couples Who Reportedly Had Prenup Agreement, Thor: Love & Thunder Theory – Lady Sif is Thor’s New Love Interest, Zack Snyder Reveals His Choice For DCEU’s Catwoman; Reveals Her History With Batman, Fantastic Beasts 3 – Mads Mikkelsen in Talks to Replace Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, 10 Crazy Reasons Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles In Hollywood. Im sure that the writers said even without the gauntlet, thanos would of beat everyone on Titan which is pretty dam impressive, he bodied the post ragnarok Hulk which was much more skilled at fighting than Pre rag and has very impressive Boxing skills, its also worth noting that beating hulk was thanos having fun.Kurse performed very well vs Thor, but thats the weakest we have seen thor near enough, Pre Lighting and stormbreaker upgrades, one of those big charged lightning hits could possibly put Kurse down. Thanos had 0 worries about Thor in his ship.Thanos also possesses a much better intellect, with Kurse being more of a meat head than Skilled figher.If Kurse could of beaten Thanos then im sure the Dark Elves would of tried on Thanos long ago. Shazam vs Black Adam – Who is The Greatest Champion? She once threatened Asgard by amassing an army of enthralled men, but was defeated by Lady Sif. A pretty neutral place where people just chill and wait for the end of the world. The members of The Black Order include Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive. The only problem would be that he'd probably only do so to acquire the stones for himself. Apocalypse … Speaking of the fire demon, Surtur, aided by the eternal flame, might have also been able to destroy Thanos with just a swing of his sword, as he did with the entirety of Asgard. Thanos was born on Saturn's moon Titan as the son of Eternals A'lars and Sui-San; his brother is Eros of Titan. Captain Marvel Introduces an All-New, All-Different Namor, Exclusive: Check Out Jawiin Charity Drive for Service Members Art by Dan Jurgens and Brett Booth, Venom's Eddie Brock Will Become Marvel's Most Important Hero in King in Black. Both command formidable groups, like the Black Order and the Horsemen, which are made up of some of the deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe. Apocalypse (FOX) vs Thanos (MCU) # Apocalypse (FOX) I watched it by now. How much truth is there to what Jordan was saying about the character he portrayed in Black Panther? Battle takes place in Muspelheim (Ragnorak's opening setting). Magneto would still prove himself to be a formidable opponent. With a little help, Talbot might have actually been able to defeat Thanos, as he intended. If the Guardians of the Galaxy hadn't destroyed Ego so soon, perhaps he might have ended up saving half the universe from eradication. Thanos is also one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe, holding his own against Thor and Hulk quite well in physical combat. With these mutants in his arsenal, he can go on and win any sort of challenge he comes across (apart from the Phoenix force). Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. He may even go ahead and give Thanos the beating of his life! (Avengers Infinity War & EndGame 2018-2019). Even Hela's necroswords had little effect on the ruler of Muspelheim. Thanos has the first two gems in his gauntlet. Without the time stone, Dormammu would undoubtedly have been able to take on Thanos, even with all the other Infinity Stones. Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman: Who's Had The Better Costumes? Archangel and Psylocke might be the weaker links, but the likes of Magneto and Storm could totally exploit Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. What would happen if these two behemoths were to fight? Drax is arguably one of the best characters in the MCU and his portrayal by Dave Bautista is absolutely excellent. Captain America vs The Punisher – Who’s The Better Soldier? Would any of the villains that preceded Thanos have stood a chance against him and the Infinity Gauntlet? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I would give Thanos the victory. If you're looking to defeat someone capable of destroying half the universe, you'd probably want to turn to someone whose very existence revolves around consuming entire worlds. If Thor can, then so can the Dark Phoenix. Secondly, the Dark Elves had been dormant for millennia at the time of The Dark World IIRC. Throughout the last two seasons of Legion, we've seen just how elusive and powerful the Shadow King can be. Remove the X-Men from the field and insert Thanos and his children. Armed with the Infinity Gauntlet, there was nothing anyone could have done to stop the Mad Titan from wiping out half the living population of the universe. (X-Men Apocalypse 2016) SCENARIO 1: Base Thanos; No Gauntlet or Stones. Nowadays Narayan writes about films, TV shows, comic books and video games, or about anything related to The Witcher. Make no mistake, the strength of Thanos' will is undeniable. The place thats constantly on fire is just home to the fire people. It's easy to believe, after all he created the Silver Surfer, who already displayed power enough to drastically alter the world around him in preparation for Galactus' arrival. May 3, 2018 #1 The infamous Mad Titan Thanos arrives on his homeworld Titan only to witness an ancient being rebuilding his palace upon arrival. His real name is En Sabah Nur. Thanos has the first two gems in his gauntlet. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. X-Men Apocalypse did not do him justice! Reality would escape him and he'd never be able to accomplish his horrific goals. You are indeed where you belong. Thanos slaughtered them, including leaving Thor floored. Nerd Hulk: Who Was Ultimate Marvel's Vampire Avenger? He is the ultimate big bad of the entire Marvel universe and is famous for conquering entire universes in the multiverse. link above. SCENARIO 2: Thanos gets Just his Endgame Armor but No Sword or Gauntlet/Stones. Thanos and Apocalypse are two of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, and a battle between them could have a surprising victor. In fact, Thanos has defeated Hulk numerous times. What would happen if these two behemoths were to fight? If Thanos encountered Galactus and the latter was depicted in a manner faithful to the comics, Thanos would quickly find himself out of his depth. EmptyHand 1 y 3 mo 25 d . Hel in both norse mythology and in marvel comics (iirc) is just a place where people who did not die in combat go. Surtur and others are not there, it is only Thanos and Kurse. The ancient mutant known as Apocalypse was like a god amongst the ancient Egyptians. His powers are undefined but as far as we know he has the ability to change his body at his will by controlling his body’s molecules. Thanos has no IG of course. Surtur and others are not there, it is only Thanos and Kurse. If Thanos had attacked the Asgardians before the destruction of Asgard, if Surtur had encountered the Mad Titan, Power Stone or no, Thanos would have fallen. This will be a full on War as Thanos could also bring in his armies of Outriders and the Chitauri, while Apocalypse could transmute an army of mutants and pit them against Thanos. Apocalypse has trained and fought wars for centuries, mastered many forms of combat and magic, and all of that could very well be enough to topple Thanos, especially if he didn't have the Infinite Gauntlet. Thanos wins! From Hong Kong, currently based in Sweden. He can make Thanos see and think whatever he wants. Apocalypse. Aquaman Vs Shazam – Which DC Superhero Would Take The Prize? It isn't so much a question of whether or not Doctor Doom could defeat Thanos, but if he should. Thanos does have his Black Order in round 4 though so he does have range. Thanos probably wins the quickdraw of "mega nuke versus telepathic assault" because of his mental resistance. We'll never know, since Hela was ultimately defeated when Surtur's sword came crashing down on her. The movies hint at a different answer. To mere mortals, the concept of a world-ending titan might seem like a daunting thing. 03-19-2019, 05:46 PM. To complete this goal, Thanos set about hunting down all the Infinity Stones, as the combined efforts might wipe out half the universe. If Thanos' defeat isn't all that final in Avengers 4, maybe there's a chance we'll see these villains fight him. The fact that Apocalypse can manipulate and brainwash some very powerful beings into serving him is part of what makes him so powerful and creates a terrifying army.


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