Everyone manages to get their tartlets done in time. The onus is on the bakers to combine as many elements of baking into one item as they can, that’s what makes it patisserie. 2:22. Thanh Dat Roller Shutter Door. Rosie who castrates pigs in her free time. Paul doesn’t agree about the aesthetics, but they both enjoy the interplay between the aperol jelly and rhubarb lining the bottom of each tart and  the sweet white chocolate mirror glaze. The bakers face unfamiliar recipes as they battle to impress Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. We are ready to shake things up with our new buds at @redlobster! Over the side, Paul says he’s impressed that Alice is really going for it with all her disparate elements. Finally, David explains his bake and it’s — a cake. Her design is the most stunning, though, and that’s undeniable. For their Signature Challenge, the bakers are asked to make domed tartlets, which feature a sweet tart base, layers of their choosing, and a dome topping, also of their choosing. Alice seems to lack any concept of how to make proper puff pastry vis-à-vis the necessary folds, but everyone seems to have a handle on the choux pastry, which must be cooked and then piped onto a baking sheet, and filled once out of the oven. Sandi comes over to comfort her and she explains that she’s actually really good at making choux, just not right now. What’s more, the tartlets actually hold together well and the flavors are amazing. Netflix announced that this season — which was filmed in a coronavirus quarantine bubble over the course of four weeks earlier this year — will start streaming on Friday, September 25, with new episodes available every Friday (three days after they premiere in the U.K.). Suddenly, we’re reminded why she’s outlasted everyone. Steph and her opera cake are on the chopping block first: Prue is quite taken with the antique glass look of her completely frameless sugar box. And there must be eight of them. Everyone is using isomalt, a sugar substitute that doesn’t caramelize and thus stays clear. Gateau means “cake” in French, but this follows a very loose definition of cake. They’ll be there for you … but not until March 2021. Some of you will recall that last season after Jon Jenkins was kicked off the show in week seven, the remaining bakers paid tribute to him by wearing his signature Hawaiian shirts. A list of things that are still happening: 2021, the Super Bowl, and the Weeknd. [. the famous Mrs. After nearly going home for phoning it in this week, David will likely overcompensate in week ten (is there really such a thing in the final week?) [, Mountain Dew and Red Lobster have created a cocktail called the “Dew Garita” … okay! Sure, there are layers, but if you gave this to a kid for his birthday, he would cry. The whole thing looks “untidy,” according to the judges. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Prue also notes that they’re too big. Then there’s David and, apparently, he’s been bought by Big Campari. Then there’s Steph, who, between her three jobs, has still managed to not only do well, but kick ass almost every week since week four, when she clinched her first Star Baker. Finally, it's crunch time. As long as no one’s asked to make a fucking pita over a live flame, this year’s finale looks like it will be a real nail-biter. Added 2 months ago. A savoury pastry Signature, with no butter involved. And unless she steps up to that plate, Alice or David could win the final. Could this new feature point to something bigger in the future? To be honest, none of them pull it off except when they pull them off so they can bake in earnest, but the symbolism is sweet. Don’t we all. For her bake, Alice decides to go for flavors that need absolutely no explanation: mocha, hazelnut, and orange, or citrus-Nutella-chocolate in layman’s terms. David and Alice opt to “stain” their window, with David’s cool, Christian church windows stained pink and Alice creating a blue ocean design along the bottom of her windows. And who will be meeting their end? Should be interesting! A layer of full puff pastry, topped with caramel-dipped choux pastry with a line of “silky” creme chiboust followed by another layer of puff pastry and caramel-dipped choux pastry with a line of Chantilly cream piped down the middle. Inside her sugar box, there will be a what’s-what of patisserie offerings: Miniature choux buns religieuse, mocha creme patissiere, salted caramel crème, chocolate ganache, a chocolate tart, and an orange sable Breton clock face. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Velkommen to Danish Week in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off. He’s nervous that he may be in trouble for not doing enough patisserie work, but “it’s Important not to give yourself too much to do and not have a neat bake,” David says, in a well-edited jab at Alice. Plus, Mountain Dew and Red Lobster team up for the Dew Garita, and more news to start your day. [, Chuck E. Cheese is looking to shred 7 billion excess prize tickets that have piled up in its supply chain and, if somehow procured by the general public, could be traded in for $9 million worth of prizes. The tent is back open for business!On September 25, an all-new season of The Great British Baking Show will start rolling out on Netflix in The US — new episodes will be available every Friday (three days after they premiere in The UK) pic.twitter.com/CQdzQbTiJ6. This week’s episode was GBBS’s semifinal, the penultimate episode before we find out who will be crowned the star of all Star Bakers. Billie Eilish’s ‘Therefore I Am’ Video Just Might Make You Miss Malls. 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