Air Zoom is Nike’s cushioning system that utilizes pressurized air bags. The 37 does have a 2 mm higher stack height – due to all that React foam underfoot. If you find this shoe comfortable for your long sessions (over 20 km) then it should be a solid choice for your event. It’s thin, it’s light, and it fits like a sock. Both are adequate. The UA shoe has an 8mm heel to toe drop, whereas the Nike shoe is 10mm. When comparing them side by side the difference is noticeable. Then go for the Infinity Run. It also uses a new “fit band” that should adapt to the size of your foot for maximum comfort and security. It feels less cushioned. May 22, 2020. This replaces Flywire and ensures a secure fit around the midfoot. Didn’t the previous shoe have Air Zoom up front? This new Pegasus model is also available in a wide version which can be more comfortable depending on the shape and width of your foot. One of the best running shoes on the market. This is an area of contention for me and often times can be a real deal breaker with a shoe, but with the 37 the more miles I put on the more this improved. Heel to toe drop? Runners who have tested both models agree that the Pegasus 37 is much more springy overall, which makes for a more enjoyable ride. Comfortable & snug fit. What’s that? Good for any type of runner. It specializes in providing a lot of cushion – and outstanding lateral (side to side) support. Nike has released the latest version of their very popular Pegasus running shoe – the Nike Pegasus 37 running shoe is now available. This is a neutral running shoe, with a 10mm heel to toe drop. No more shin splints. So it should suit you regardless of your weight. In any case, it is important to know that shoes for overpronation are no more effective than neutral shoes in preventing injury. (Like the Wildhorse 6, Terra Kiger 6, and Pegasus 36 Trail?) The P37 now uses React foam and a larger Zoom Air unit under the forefoot instead of Cushlon foam and two smaller Zoom Air … We look forward to running in these shoes – and they look good too! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. From this view, you can see the general shape of the two shoes is similar. Here’s some more good news – this shoe is available in regular and extra wide widths. The Nike Pegasus is a classic shoe known for its versatility and comfortable cushioning. Runner's Lab is a site created by and for runners to help you find the best running shoes. This results in softer cushioning and more rebound, according to the testers. We therefore recommend that you choose your running shoes according to their comfort, the most important criterion. I always had bad shin splints when running but these immediately fixed that. Only one study to date has observed the link between sole thickness, weight and risk of injury. Other than that, both are lightweight, neutral running shoes. It has noticeably less cushion in the forefoot – and that’s not something that I prefer. More eery similarity in the outsole. Very comfortable, good support yet feels like walking on pillows. We’ll also compare it to another running shoe that has a lot of React foam. Closeup of the mesh upper – it’s light and breathable. Highly recommend! This shoe is also available in a extra wide version – but we didn’t test that here. It’s very comfortable. Nike has released the latest version of their very popular Pegasus running shoe – the Nike Pegasus 37 running shoe is now available. Shoes fit great!! From the top view you can see that the Pegasus 37 has the classic running shoe shape. This is my 5th or 6th pair of pegasus sneakers. The Infinity Run is slightly heavier, probably because of all that foam. That means when your feet inevitably do get waterlogged – on your mud run or obstacle course race – you’ll shed the extra water weight as quickly as possible. Shoe Review: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37. He loves how lightweight and breathable they are. Here’s a first look from our YouTube channel: Nike Pegasus Trail 2 – Overview Let’s start with the cushioning system – because that is the major defining feature of this shoe. I felt like i was walking on clouds . We'd love to learn more about your shopping experiences on and how we can improve! The regular width shoe is right in line with most of Nike’s men’s running shoes. From the heel view we can see the night reflectors. And to me, if feels like less cushioning than the Pegasus 37 has. The tall React midsole gives the shoe a similar profile to the Zoom Fly, and the Pegasus 37 … The upper on the Velociti 2 is light and breezy. Not only does Air Zoom act like a shock absorber, but it also has tensile fibers within it – to give you a little bit of energy return – and to put some spring in your step. There’s much more React foam as compared to the Pegasus 37 – and that’s a difference you can feel. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep – Super Cushioning and Side to Side Support First, let’s start with the main point of these training shoes – cushioning. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 review TL;DR: if you are getting only one pair if Nike running shoes this year, make it the Pegasus 37. For me personally, I’ll vote for the Pegasus 37. Rate… Reviews, Gear. But overall a great shoe. Heavier model than the previous one (20 g heavier), Cushioning that lacks the bounce to be really "fun" according to several runners, A major change for the Pegasus range, the midsole now features the, The upper of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 features a. The P37 now uses React foam and a larger Zoom Air unit under the forefoot instead of Cushlon foam and two smaller Zoom Air units. Shoe was almost perfect, slightly tight on the width. Outsole styles are similar – why mess with something that works? I would buy these again. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a neutral running shoe, relatively light-weight and has a 10mm heel to toe drop. It’s the first all-terrain Nike Metcon shoe. To get [Read more …], Here’s a sharp looking new colorway of the Nike MetconSF – Seaweed/Light British Tan/Green Spark/Black What’s the Nike MetconSF? True to fit. There are two Zoom units in the Air Zoom SuperRep – both are upfront in the forefoot. All rights reserved. Yep – absolutely they do – we know because we tested them. So you can use this model independently from your pronation, as long as it is comfortable. That’s daylight shining through the mesh – this upper can BREATHE. HOVR is Under Armour’s answer to React foam – they claim it provides "zero gravity feel" – and largely it works just like React. A Men’s Size 11 in the 36 weighs 10.3 ounces, where as the 37 weights 10.7 ounces. Both shoes are versatile and can be used for both slow and fast sessions. Great choice for running shoes. Otherwise, all the stats are about the same: drop is 10mm, fits true to size, etc. Sam: Going to lean towards the Peg 37 in these match ups. It’s a nice way to put some hard numbers to your workout – and it does help motivate you to go farther, or faster, or both. With the softer React foam and the slightly less firm Zoom Air bag in the women’s version (15 psi compared to 20 psi for men), the Pegasus 37 is a shoe that’s specifically geared for women.


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