How to Write a Great Finance Essay on Time, Expert Tips to Make You a Distinguished Author, Balancing the equilibrium between Engineering, Medicine and Arts, UPPSC {Pre} Re-exam 10 May 2015 Answer Key. The river channel is braided and it shifts its course frequently. The first dam was built across the Barakar River, a tributary of the Damodar river. Yamuna is one of the holy rivers in Hinduism, and the Yamunotri Dham forms a part of the hallowed Chota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. Embankments for flood control have been constructed as a joint venture of India and Nepal. It emerges out of the hilly area and enters plains near, Its main affluent in the upper reaches is the. As per ancient texts, Saraswati was an actual river which used to form a trinity at Sangam. Large scale deposition of eroded material takes place in the plain region. The river Ngangchu flows through the trade centre of Gyantse in the south and joins the main river. Here it is called Hooghly. Largest and the most important tributary. The river bed is sandy and sudden bends start occurring in the stream. The major tributaries apart from the Yamuna, are the Ramganga, the Gomati, the Ghaghra, the Gandak, the Burhi Gandak, the Bagmati, and the Kosi. This has resulted in frequent devastating floods and has converted large tracts of cultivable land into waste land in Bihar. Vasudeva, carried Krishna across the Yamuna River in order to save him from Kansa. It is the largest tributary of the Ganga by volume and the second longest tributary of the Ganga by length after Yamuna. The Brahmaputra (meaning the son of Brahma). (c) Yamuna, Ghaghara, Gandak, Son, and Kosi The reason for such name has been explained in diverse legends – because of her descent from Kalind Mountain; her association with Yama, the Lord of death; Kaliya Naag (serpent) entered the Yamuna river and that made it dark; and many more. A Discount of 10% is Given on the Marked Price : 8 Tricks & Strategies to Score 95% in Board Exams. The river flows much below its banks due to severe erosion because of poor rainfall and numerous deep ravines have been formed in the Chambal Valley, giving rise to. The first major tributary is the Raga Tsangpo meeting the Tsangpo near. (b) Ghaghara, Tamuna, Gandak, Kosi and Son It flows for a distance of 270 km in the name of, The united stream of the Jamuna and the Ganga flows further in the name of, About 105 km further downstream, the Padma is joined on the left bank by the, From the confluence of Padma and Meghna, the combined river is known as the. It flows for a distance of 784 km from its source. The glacier is situated against a steep slope, a little below the Peak of Kalind Parbat (mountain) in Uttarakhand. Also, Please correct north and south tributaries of Brahmaputra. After you submit the form, one of our travel experts will get back to you with customised holiday package based on your requirement, within 24 hours.


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