In the X-Men comics, he tends to go back and forth on how he feels about helping humanity, but at DC he would have no complaints. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. He's drained the souls of millions of worlds and can create wormholes to other dimensions and legions of demon hordes with a single thought. Dark, brooding creatures of the night are not uncommon to the DC Universe. Several hundreds of years ago, a sect of human pacifists abandoned the world to start a new one in the dimension of Azarath. Without Spider-Man to out all of his tricks, maybe Quentin Beck could have found his way to the hero side of the coin. Since that time, Trigon and the Titans have fought several times. There are few beings with the power to match his, and even fewer that would wish to face him in combat. i'd put Odin as mid-universal or high as he gave up fighting because swinging Gungir destroyed alternate universes. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. But you know what is even better than a Thor? Most potent Comic weapon. I agree. Morbius could find himself in constant conflict with such villains as Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy, or Man-Bat. Thor vs. Superman would be an epic battle that we would all love to see, with Mjolnir no doubt having some choice words for the Man of Steel’s face. Boards ; Comics and Graphic Novels; Who would really win: Scorpion vs Trigon? Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Despite this, it seems to still be a useful weapon used to great effect. Comments . 2 wins (100%) Trigon: 2.2 M: Mephisto Mephistopheles: 5 M: Dormammu Dormammu: 40 M: Already his powers were at incredible levels. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. When comic fans daydream about match-ups in comics it often comes back to Marvel vs. DC: Who would win in a fight, who would be allies, etc. Like Batman vs. Superman, comic book fans love to pit certain characters against each other to see who might come out victorious in a fight.One such pair is that of Trigon and Darkseid, two DC supervillains that possess similarly terrifying powers. In the DC Universe, he could see the importance of the DC Multiverse which could help spread out the use of resources across multiple realities so as not to need to reduce the universe by half. Sign Up Login. allan vinícius. This evil drifted away for years. His intentions always seemed more superficial but deep down he has always meant to do the right thing. On multiple occasions, he has defeated the Teen Titans and the Justice League. Thanos can see the beauty of the world and defend it against the like of Darkseid, who wants to turn Earth into another Apokolips. Team Trigon vs Team Odin. Who will win in a fight between Team Trigon and Team Odin? Said to be one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, Trigon can travel throughout dimensions and has enslaved countless worlds under his name. His effects seem perfect to use in heroic ways and he could easily be pushed to become a hero. While protecting humanity from more supernatural threats he could easily find time to enjoy the better parts of being a hero and be adored by his admirers. RELATED: 5 Villains Marvel Stole From DC (& 5 DC Stole). He seems like the type to enjoy a good session of being judgemental towards people. Goaded on by his evil nature, he eventually left his home world behind. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. When Raven, his daughter, sought the Justice League's help in fighting him, they refused. The age-old question must be asked, however: who would win … While he likes to mold his features to resemble all sorts of people to trick Spider-Man, if he moved over to DC, he could use that power to help the heroes by infiltrating villain organizations just as Bruce Wayne has with identities like Matches Malone. Superhero battle match: Trigon versus Odin. His hunger leads him to try and find a cure without having to take a human life to survive. I feel like they threw the "Odin can control even mystical forces" King Zay. Sometimes a character's greatest compulsion to be a villain could be the hero they constantly face off against. Superhero battle match: Team Trigon versus Team Odin. The original version of Prowler, Hobie Brown, did come around to being a hero after tussling with Spider-Man. Wanting to see a better life for his young nephew, he takes on the persona of Prowler and fights the gangs on the streets who recruit young children into their ranks. The Imperator. Although, before that happens, we need to see the resolution to season one and how exactly the Titans will thwart this powerful enemy. His sons succeed but, once they open the portal, they betray their father, choosing to steal the little power that remains within him. Aug 23, 2015 #9 Odin has better feats, from what I recall, but I've also heard that nu52 Trigon is pretty impressive. The Church of Blood was a cult hell-bent on trying to kill Trigon. Who would really win: Scorpion vs Trigon? Unbeknownst to the other members, this man was Trigon in disguise. It is later revealed that his daughter Raven also holds one of these powers: pride. As such, Trigon is a god, albeit a very demonic looking one. He can reshape entire planets with the snap of his fingers. i sat trigon, what do yall think. Now he spends his time writing for such publications as Comic Book Resources and other freelance opportunities. In this alternate dimension, Trigon traveled all over the universe. From the time he was a young child until he was a full grown adult, Trigon began conquering world after world. 2 wins (100%) Trigon: 2.2 M: Mephisto Mephistopheles: 5 M: Dormammu Dormammu: 40 M: Surtur Surtur: Hades Pluto: Thanos Thanos: 555 K: 0 wins (0%) Odin Odin Borson: 5 M: Highfather Izaya: 229 K: Thor Thor Odinson: 234 K: … His long list of abilities includes immortality, telekinesis, matter transmutation and manipulation, super strength, invulnerability, reality warping, and size shifting. Maybe a new setting would give them a new lease on life and give them a reason to instead use their powers for the greater good. A standout character in comic lore, Trigon is one of the biggest of big bads in all of DC. Why Caster Semenya deserves better from society Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Team Trigon vs Team Odin. His passion, or better yet his purpose, was to search the universe for new worlds to dominate. I love a good cheeseburger. With the first season ending with a big cliff-hanger surrounding Trigon's schemes, fans are waiting in anticipation of what is to come next in season 2. 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There are details about that "Scorpion gets stronger in Hell" plotpoint that people either don't remember or aren't aware of. But all the planets in his dimension just wasn't enough. A battle between 2 evil demons who are probably the most powerful villains in their respective universes. The Imperator. Instead of anger, this gives Trigon pride in his evil children. He could easily fit into the hero landscape of the DC Universe. When an actor he used to work with, Basil Karlo, turns into the villainous Clayface, he has to use every effect he has mastery over to stop his schemes and save lives. Although only an infant, shortly after he was born Trigon murdered the entire cult that had created him. Teaming up with the New Gods he would want to stop Darkseid's plans with the use of numerous cosmic weapons which would grant him ultimate power. The father of Teen Titan Raven, Trigon rules the hellish dimension Azarath, and spends his time enslaving worlds and terrorizing his daughter and her superhero friends. With lots of spaceships constantly entering Earth's atmosphere it would help to have a hero that could redirect or even stall such things. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Juggy has tried his hand at being a hero before and even was part of the Ultraverse team Exiles. So, Trigon vs Odin, who should win? As such, Morbius could easily transfer over to the dark underbelly of Gotham City. Trigon is a literal demon that impregnated Raven's human mother. Being able to get into buildings and close to targets is a great use of his abilities. Portrayed by Seamus Dever, this iteration of the character is behind "The Organization," a strange cult-like group hunting down the teenage Raven. When facing off against villains such as Metallo, Cyborg Superman, or even Darkseid's Parademons, his magnetic abilities could easily shift the battle in the hero's favor. For most of his comics history, Trigon has often found himself in conflict with the Teen Titans. A few years later, at the age of six, he had both conquered the entire planet and then destroyed it. His intellect would be a huge help to the superhero world and propel such technological heroes as Cyborg, Batman, and Mister Terrific to new heights.


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