A well-illustrated cover page reflects high-quality content and makes the eBooks stand out. Get the rich machine-readable metadata you need for abstracting and indexing databases, including enhanced citation data. Content of a book is given extreme importance, in accord with various concept fields in higher education. OJS’s service starts at $45 per month for small publishers (~300 articles a year). Scholastica’s typesetting service also provides journals with the rich machine-readable XML metadata they need for deposit-based abstracting and indexing databases (A&Is), like Web of Science, as well as digital archives such as Portico. Our team takes care of the usage terms and conditions presented on the content while mentioning Rights & Permission. We typeset eBooks and Trade Books in all formats, layout, MOBI, ePub3 and ePub for higher educational handouts as per requirements. The professionals make use of various platforms to verify codes and evaluate the final output. Our team of designers also enhance accessibility and understand the colour scheming appropriate for students in multiple concept fields. We are specialized in offering interactive and professional typesetting services for higher education levels. Producing cost-effective and comprehensive typesetting services. Digital typesetting designers are not usually familiar with the top typesetting software like Adobe InDesign, Pagination.com, QuarkXpress, Scribus. We ensure that clients’ digital expedition of content remains smooth. Digital typesetting designers are not usually familiar with the top typesetting software like Adobe InDesign, Pagination.com, QuarkXpress, Scribus. Acadecraft has a team of typesetting professionals skilled in creating ready-to-publish files converted from MS Word format, typeset from a previous edition, or hard copies. Start using professional desktop publishing software to design better books, apps, magazines, and publicity material. Collaborate seamlessly with peers. Today, by clicking an Adobe PDF button in an Adobe Acrobat add-in to MS Word, an author can turn her MS Word manuscript into a typeset quality PDF e-print in seconds. Colour management. Trusted by over 150,000 researchers, Copyright © 2020 | PubGenius Inc. | 3260 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94304, Choose from over 100,000+ verified journal formats, Ensure quality through Plagiarism and Grammar Check, Increase publication chances through Editing services, Submit directly to your journal from Typeset. MS Word is not built for research writing, Typeset is. Improve article indexing outcomes and enable text and data mining with full-text JATS XML files. Submit directly to your journal … They possess the ability to quickly identify and fix the errors concerning uneven tone in images, style, variations in artwork in relation to the source file, topography, hyperlinking, formatting, etc. We are a professional company providing higher education typesetting services for our clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE. This is a neat (and free) typesetting software that gives you advanced control over your typesetting. H-51, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India-201301, 16192, Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware, 19958, USA, All Rights Reserved by Acadecraft | Copyright © 2020 Acadecraft.com. Suite 210 Scholastica's team manages the entire article typesetting and proofing process for you, from the time we receive your copyedited manuscripts and accompanying files, so article production is easy as 1,2,3: Articles typeset by Scholastica are optimized for online discovery and designed to meet the needs of modern readers: Scholastica's production service typesets articles into full-text XML files with the machine-readable article-level metadata you need for archiving and indexing including: Make it easy to read your articles from any tablet or mobile device with responsive HTML — so readers can access your journal on the go. In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- identifying, understanding, documenting, designing, developing and assessing. Since we use technology to produce all article file types at the same time, any updates made during proofing are automatically reflected in all file versions. Choose from single column or 2-column PDF themes. Scholastica's journal typesetting and proofing service uses leading technology to produce beautiful PDF, HTML, and full-text XML articles quickly and affordably. Our designers deliver professional typesetting services for higher education in publishing, designing, and printing by using creativity and innovation in formatting. Ensure quality through Plagiarism and Grammar Check. We render services to various universities, institutions, governments, local higher educational bodies, Higher education colleges, IT training institutes, etc. Acadecraft has a skilled team of typesetting professionals delivering book typesetting services for over a decade. It has never been easier to produce documents designed solely for your needs. SPARC has a great list of some of the most popular journal management systems: Journal Management Systems. Easy-to-integrate peer review, production, and open access publishing solutions to help further your mission. It is not just the content that should be accurate but also the format and the structure of the books appropriate for specific grade levels, for easy read and better understanding. Our advanced typesetting software will prepare all figures and tables to perfectly fit your PDF pages. Publishers face an issue due to a lack of innovation and skills, among typesetting designers, to format the content in a logical way. Publishers face an issue due to a lack of innovation and skills, among typesetting designers, to format the content in a logical way. There is a lack of skilled designers who are creative and utilize original ideas while designing interactive and descriptive books. It's great at formatting nonfiction books and documents that include cross-references, footnotes, tables, or figures. Over 400,000 research documents created so far, - Meryem Tumbaz, Industrial Engineering Sakarya University, - Kartik Kumar, PhD Researcher, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, - Andreas Frutiger, Researcher, ETH Zurich, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, 25 years of publishing experience built into one product. Over 900 journals across disciplines use Scholastica. We first identify the requirements of our clients, then understand the areas of improvement. We offer consultation to various publications and have protected a few against potential breach concerning length, language, geographical limits, etc. Our services facilitate our clients to capitalize on the technological advancements by digitizing information and wooing the target audience. We then creatively document the required designs creating a blueprint accordingly. Scholastica, Coko’s PubSweet, and Highwire Press’ BenchPress are other examples. Finally, our quality analysts, designers and editors assess and proofread the content for accuracy of information, format and language. Upload your MS-Word files. We develop the content using the best software like InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite, Frame Maker, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, Quark copy desk. Chicago, IL We offer Rights & Permission services to the publishing enterprises we work for. Scholastica offers modular software and services for every aspect of publishing academic journals — from peer review to production to hosting and discovery support. For example, up until the last decade or so, typesetting a paper from an author’s manuscript required hours of work by people with specialised skills in a publishing house. Trusted by Nobel Laureates and graduates alike. To be precise, we identify, understand, develop, document, design, and assess for QC. At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners find better-structured topics, appropriate high-resolution images and illustrations, and easy-to-understand content to establish an understanding of the subject for higher educational levels. They create unique, compelling and visually evoking layout structured with customized and fascinating illustrations. So you get all the file types you need fast. From newsletters to children’s party invitations, the world of desktop publishing software has something to offer you. Your fonts fit for your project. Our experienced designers employ original designs and high-resolution images while designing STM books and journals, B2B books and journals, Magazines, Proceedings, Catalogues, Encyclopaedias, Directories, subject-intrinsic books and Dictionaries. We are a renowned professional typesetting company, designing a wide spectrum of publications for higher education comprising mathematical formulas, complicated drawings, diagrams, tables, multi-environment layouts, etc. File management. Quality guarantee. Increase publication chances through Editing services. We use advanced technology to produce PDF, HTML, and full-text XML articles all at once from your original DOCX or LaTeX manuscripts and accompanying files. Acadecraft is a reputed Typesetting company with a team of skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who can easily recognize and realize the major details of diagrams, images, and graphs. Acadecraft comprises a team of designers who efficiently format creative books with high-quality visuals for Higher educational levels be it undergraduate, post-graduate or Ph.D levels. Our experts are skilled in offering typesetting publishing solutions for fiction, reference, subject-specific and other books. With Scholastica typesetting, authors and editors only have to review one article proof. HTML articles are optimized for online search engines with descriptive meta tags and automatic Google Scholar citation linking. 60654, You send us your DocX or LaTeX manuscripts and accompanying files, We manage article typesetting and proofing, with a 1-week turnaround time from typesetting request to proof review, You get beautiful PDF, HTML, and full-text JATS compliant XML article files, Reach more readers with search-engine-optimized, mobile-friendly HTML articles, Help readers save and cite articles with easy PDF and Citation (BibTex) download, Embed dynamic videos, graphs, and tables in the text of HTML articles, Rich article-level metadata: References, funding information, copyright, persistent identifiers, and more, JATS complaint XML pre-formatted for ingestion by major discovery services, including PubMed and PubMed Central. All XML article files have core metadata including: Acadecraft has an in-house team of experienced legal representatives, who are skilled in developing suitable and practical policies depending on the content. Structure, organisation and archiving. 350 N LaSalle Books are the most essential component of academic life, they are a vast source of knowledge along with being a guide for the students. Your platform for sustainable, high-quality scholarly journal publishing. The team of Acadecraft consists of creative graphic designers and experienced editors skilled in multilingual typesetting for higher education. Typesetting: Author’s corrections: Typesetting services include: Font management. We are the most reputed typesetting service provider to Higher education Journals in the industry. Choose from over 100,000+ verified journal formats. Scholastica checks and normalizes all article citations. Colour settings for output. ADOBE. Acadecraft provides affordable typesetting services by simplifying the challenging task of securing rights and permissions pertaining to publication. Adhering to the book typesetting guidelines, our SMEs add Alt Text with precision, suiting the exact description for an illustration as per the requirements, to establish easy understanding of the content by the visually impaired.


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