He’s no rookie, but he dropped in an angry Cornish SUPer. How long does it take to learn how to surf. It seems like in every other sport you can pick up the basics really quickly, whereas surfing takes you a long time to get it going. Shaun White: I think surfing’s stance and the weight distribution is totally different. SURFER has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. I’m so lucky to be able to go surf every day. Whatever you do!” (laughs). But I went surfing once with Kalani Robb and Sunny Garcia when we were shooting for GoPro. Surfing never ends; the waves are never the same and you’re always trying to get better.”, “It’s a blessing and a curse because you can never master it.”. things in this world are as addictive as surfing. If you’re in powder, yeah, you have to lean back and it’s a bit like surfing on your back foot, but then I think the newer surfboards are a lot wider and have changed that traditional back-foot stance. Just the wankers. Watch: Mitch Coleborn Parts Curtains, Cops A Fin To The Spinal Column, This Is What Four Months Alone On Kandui Looks Like, We'll Ride Just About Anything If It Gets Us A Wave Like This, Patty Gudang Can't Stop Smiling (Or Ripping), He Can't Surf For Two Years After This Video Goes Live, Shaun White at 28; suave, confident and moneyed. Get exclusive content, special offers and latest news delivered to your inbox. There are several Cinderella stories of people who began surfing in less than 60 minutes, but also of those who were never able to surf a single wave. Surfing to a spectator can look fairly easy from a distance until you’re in the water yourself with waves crashing on your head. Even more so when times are tough, strange or feel too big to handle. Wanna win a new surfboard? It’s the same with the halfpipe. It gave me that competitive feeling so I never really left competition mode. 15 Surfing Photos That Prove It Didn’t Used To Be The World’s Coolest Sport, The group, focused on preserving oceans for future generations, has roped in Sir Paul McCartney to help, If you're a cold water warrior, here's some good surfer jackets to keep you warm when you're not in the sea, We've been out in Portugal, surfing in a graphene wetsuit from Deeply. I s’pose they’ve got to call it something with some sort of rules otherwise it’d be chaos. Sure, I didn’t think about it as a kid, but looking back it helped me get strong and motivated me through the entire summer. It has been known to bring fully grown men to their knees, cursing the day they ever thought about mastering surfing. With snowboarding, the only thing that’s less like skateboarding and more like surfing is that as the day goes on the temperature can drop, and the snow can turn to ice and all of a sudden the halfpipe that was fun and playful isn’t at all. Everything you would like to know about Why Surfing Is Hard. [This photo feature was originally published in SURFER’s summer 2020 issue, on newsstands now, and has been updated here. It’ll take time, there will be set backs along the way but hopefully if I stick at it, it will be all worth while in the end. You'll find it relatively easy because you've already ticked the basics - lying on the board, paddling for a wave, popping up, and standing up of the surfboard. However, despite being part of the world’s most elite group of surfers, Jordy possessed none of the lazily-veiled superiority that someone as “privy to mystery” (and more crooks of coastline than you can throw a compass at) might be expected to display. When you’re surfing, you’ll look for a section and try something that’s similar to what you set out to do, but it won’t be identical. And Stab is inspired by it. It made me feel pretty shitty about my back-180 to the flats. Particularly in this instance: John John Florence. It’s just other boardsports, right? This is a classic error from dudes that think they’re “too good” for a foamie and naturally gravitate towards a 5ft 2′ toothpick they picked up off eBay. Stab: Surfing’s future could be in fin design then? Kids these days are so addicted to the thing, it’s disgusting. For people that have learned it, it is instinctual. You turn off from normal realities and experience a unique clarity.”, “Surfing allows an escape into nature and the unpredictable forces of the ocean. He pioneered deep tuberiding at Pipe, preferred winning to breathing and had politician-like confidence in front of the camera. Surfing is beavertails and It’s really that simple. In short, what’s this whole show about? You’re in the ocean with wildlife swimming or flying or floating freely by, riding waves stimulates creativity, it’s a physical exercise and the intermittent rewards are addictive. I was not only learning some great things from Tony, but some not-so-great things too (laughs). Stab: And when it’s overcast, the sky’s grey, the snow’s grey and you’ve just spun three times, you then have to spot a landing. I’ve learned this, I’ve learned that, I’m going to link them together because I’ve practiced them enough and I’m going to go and do it. Riding along the face of the wave starts with a good bottom-turn, one of the most important maneuvers in surfing. I’ve always used skating as my getaway from the snow but it wasn’t giving me that recharge. Bam Margera was doing Jackass at the time, so all that shit happened and it was the wildest bus ride you’d ever imagined. Sometimes you’ll be mid-air and you’ll be rotating and you’re thinking you’re going to make it. It’s fucking huge. Stab: There’s a lot of debate about rotations in surfing. I went under, came up for air – well, tried to get air – got pounded again, came up and then the board hit me in the face. Even after months of practice, you’re only slightly less shit than when you started. Skating’s culture is a lot more chilled. Waves are a dynamic force that is often created in open ocean thousands of miles away from the shore and breaks near the coastline. Pro surfers are also great skaters; John John Florence, Noa Deane, Julian Wilson, Kalani David, they all have skating foundations. '”, While few individuals will ever reach that point, if you are looking for a way to break through your ‘surf dysmorphia’ and surf a bit more like your idols, Jordy told us the best advice is to just “keep grinding away at it.”, “I’m still grinding away at it today and thats never changed from the very first day.”, “A lot of people just look at the big picture… but they don’t realise I’m still in the same shoes that I was when I first started.


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