However there are many other 3-letter combinations that produce the translation "kek"(Ex:It's, Elf, One), and "lol" isn't really a word in the English language, anyway. Kek's origin is from Starcraft's online service. Adjectives appear to come before nouns, similar to English and other Germanic languages. The tribe bestows the second name after the orc reaches maturity, this name based upon some great deed. Zug Zug - It's over Arthas, I have the high ground! It does not actually translate words. E - Q - The following appear in the "Orcish / Common Dictionary" found in eastern Dalaran. This second name may be changed if a new one seems more appropriate.WRPG 50. Grommash has been officially translated as Giant's Heart. H - q - s - This is very inconsistent, however, most of the known orcish names (such as Durotan, Orgrim, Nazgrel, Kargath) are never documented being used in short forms. This is the list of words created by the in-game language parser for the Orcish language, and is listed as language number one (word range 1-100) in the Language text file. Orcish (called Orc in the pre-WoW Warcraft RPG books) is the primary language of the orcs and is used throughout the Horde faction. They abandoned their peaceful culture when Kil’jaeden, a demon lord of the Burning Legion, corrupted the orcs and used them in his vengeful plot against the draenei, who were exiles from Kil’jaeden’s homeworld. r - Grom Hellscream's full name was Grommash, which Mannoroth used to address him as demonstration that Hellscream was his. (previous page) () to Thrall Honor! To a degree, phoenetically some of the words resemble Tolkien's Black Speech, which makes sense, since that language was presumably the foundational influence for the sound of this one. Tragically, the proud orc clans were corrupted by the Burning Legion and used as pawns in the Legion's invasion of Azeroth. An orc’s first name is given early in life, often derived from a family name or the name of a great hero. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. So, what are you waiting for? The original version of the game did not support full Korean language, so the closest a Korean player could get to "Hahaha" in Korean was "Kekeke". Purple, Green, White - Previously Death Knight hair colours. n - Also a greeting while in combat. The two-syllable ones- Gul'dan, Drak'Thul, Dal'Rend - appear to have initially been only used for spellcaster, but was later exported (Gar'Thok was a Grunt colonel). All Horde characters understand Orcish speech, even without explicit lore reasons (such as the Forsaken and the blood elves). "Lok'amon" = Traditional orcish song sung about starting a family. This category contains only the following file. = "Ready for orders. ), "Lok'tar ogar" = "Victory or death" (A war cry). = "Victory!" S - 5. These words, however, have never been heard in another blizzard game or translated. Classes: Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, Monk. "Dabu" = "I obey" HPG 134 4. Only the family leader can hold an eponymous title (For example, there can only be one Doomhammer or Deadeye at a time), and the rest of the clan identify themselves through their line of birth.


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